Guadagno Campaign: Kim Guadagno Surpasses Fundraising Threshold To Qualify For Public Matching Funds

West Long Branch, NJ – Kim Guadagno’s campaign for governor has raised more than $430,000 since winning the primary election, surpassing the threshold to qualify for 2:1 public matching funds from the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for the general election campaign.

“Surpassing this important fundraising threshold in less than 30 days shows that Kim Guadagno’s pledge to lower property taxes during her first term or not run for a second is resonating with New Jersey voters,” said Dave Huguenel, campaign manager for Guadagno for Governor. “New Jerseyans are rallying against Phil Murphy because they don’t want to elect another Goldman Sachs millionaire like Jon Corzine who has promised to raise taxes on everyone if elected governor. Kim Guadagno is the only candidate who will make New Jersey more affordable for families.”

To qualify for public matching funds in the 2017 gubernatorial general election, a campaign must raise a minimum of $430,000 in addition to providing expenses or commitments of at least $430,000. Once approved by the commission, Guadagno’s campaign will be eligible to receive $2 for every dollar raised during the general election. The maximum public match during the 2017 general election is $9.3 million, with a overall spending cap of $13.8 million.

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