Inganamort Demands Accountability from NJ Transit

Inganamort Demands Accountability from NJ Transit



In light of fare hikes set for July 1 and a planned corporate transit fee to be added to the state budget this week that collectively add billions to NJ Transit’s budget, Assemblyman Michael Inganamort expressed concerns over the agency’s inability to ensure timely train operations.

With the World Cup approaching, he emphasizes that New Jersey is far from prepared to host such a significant international event.

“Despite the substantial increase in funding through fare hikes and the corporate transit fee, NJ Transit continues to struggle with punctuality and reliability,” Inganamort (R-Morris) said. “New Jersey is not ready to host the World Cup. Not even close.”

Inganamort is calling for a comprehensive audit of NJ Transit to identify and rectify the underlying issues before allocating any additional funds.

“Before we increase spending on NJ Transit, we need a full and complete audit of the agency. Identify what’s wrong and then fix it,” he said.

At an Assembly Transportation Committee hearing on March 7, he voiced his concerns and urged for immediate action.

“The clock is ticking,” he warned. “We cannot afford to wait any longer. The people of New Jersey deserve a transit system that is efficient, reliable, and worthy of our investment.”

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