Jack Ciattarelli’s Statement Re. Guadagno’s So-Called Tax Plan


Statement for Republican Jack Ciattarelli

“The Lt. Governor’s so-called plan is disappointing and akin to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  Proposing a $1.5 billion property tax plan by saying it will be paid for with undetermined savings and assumed revenue growth is both dangerous and irresponsible.  

This kind of proposal is a continuation of the failed economic and fiscal policies of the last 7+ years that have led to 11 credit downgrades, the highest property taxes in the country, and a record number of people fleeing the state.  Moreover, it does nothing to address what truly drives our property tax crisis; namely the flaws and inequities in the school funding formula and the inefficiencies associated with having 565 towns and 611 school districts.

The Lt. governor’s plan is also flawed in that it provides zero tax relief to many middle-class families.  Based on her own projections, a family where a public school teacher is married to a police officer would be considered ‘too wealthy’  to benefit.  Frankly, this plan underscores the difference between my background as a CPA and Main Street business owner, and the Lt. Governor’s career in government.  My plan is detailed, comprehensive, and fiscally responsible.  Most importantly, my reform plan is not based on any faulty assumptions. The Lt. Governor’s is.”

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