New Media Campaign Opposes “Reproductive Freedom Act” New Media Campaign Opposes “Reproductive Freedom Act”

The campaign urges citizens to take action to protect women, children, and medical workers from the dangerous legislation

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TRENTON, NJ– Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey – a pro-family ministry – has launched a major campaign (“JerseyVotesNo”) to inform New Jersey voters about a radical and unsafe abortion bill that was introduced in the legislature in October 2020. If passed, the bill (S-3030 / A-4848) would codify into law the practice of abortion up to the point of birth, while putting taxpayer funding behind the effort.

JerseyVotesNo encourages voters to contact bill sponsors and voice their opposition to the dangerous legislation. The campaign website,, includes contact information for the bill sponsors, as well as educational resources including a video, recent national news stories about the bill, and a downloadable resource that highlights the dangerous changes the bill would make to New Jersey abortion laws. These dangers include threats to women’s health, minors’ safety, and parental rights. Additionally, the bill would remove protections for medical professionals who choose not to perform abortions due to a conscientious objection – thus opening doctors to punishment for their values.

Billboards along highways 17, 9, and 29 invite constituents to visit Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey strategically placed billboards near the offices of key bill sponsors including Senator Loretta Weinberg in Teaneck, Senator Vin Gopal in Freehold, and all the senate sponsors in Trenton.

Shawn Hyland, Executive Director of the Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, offered the following statement:

“The ‘Reproductive Freedom Act’ should be called the ‘License to Kill’ Act. In the final analysis, this bill rejects the beliefs of New Jersey voters, opting instead to satisfy and subsidize the Big Abortion Industry. Governor Murphy and pro-abortion lawmakers want to end the debate over the right to life in New Jersey once and for all.  Their solution is simple – abortion at any time, for any reason, without any restrictions, without end, and with your money. We encourage all New Jersey citizens to urge their legislators to vote no on this dangerous bill.”

Pro-life coalition members also offered statements on the bill:

“New Jersey Right to Life is proud to stand in solidarity with other pro-life groups and the growing number of informed NJ citizens to express our outrage at this unjust and inhumane legislation and demand that it be immediately withdrawn from consideration.” – Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life

“This change will further endanger women’s health and put their lives at risk. This lowering of care for disproportionately African American women is typical of the callous abortion industry. Abortion is the most performed surgery on a woman. No doctors?” – Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr., Founder of

The so-called Reproductive Freedom Act has not been scheduled for a committee hearing despite Governor Murphy affirming his support in his recent State of the State address. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey hopes that the JerseyVotesNo campaign will help to keep the bill from reaching a hearing and to defeat the dangerous legislation should it move forward. Instead, legislators are urged to support common sense restrictions such as S429/A2228 – the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

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