Jim Beach Letter: Attention Camden County Democrats!  Beware of phony “reform” candidates in the June primary election

LD6 Senator James Beach

Attention Camden County Democrats!
Beware of phony “reform” candidates in the June primary election.

Dear fellow Camden County Democrat:

Over the past few months you might have read or heard about some “reformers” running for office in Camden County. Before we get to the June 4 primary election, we’d like you to hear some facts.

A person named Susan Altman has been one of the leaders encouraging this. As a lifelong Democrat I find it very strange coming from her. Ms. Altman was a long-time Republicanwho didn’t bother registering as a Democrat until fairly recently. In fact, she didn’t even bother voting for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary in 2008 because she wasn’t a Democrat. Ms. Altman has failed to vote in 25 major elections and failed to register as a Democrat for 14 years spending all but a few days of George Bush’s administration registered as a Republican. This is who’s leading the effort against our fellow – lifelong – Democrats.

Working with Altman is disgraced former Republican State Senate candidate Ali Sloan-El who was imprisoned for accepting cash bribes from an undercover FBI agent.

Here are some of the people – many of them Trump Republicans masquerading as Democrats – who have decided to run this year under the banner of “reform.”

1.    Jennifer O’Donnell, Freeholder Candidate. Trump Republican. Filed for bankruptcy twice and received three judgments for nonpayment of bills. Had her petitions rejected for the ballot because of fraudulent signatures.

2.    Jerome Taylor, Freeholder Candidate. Trump Republican. Guilty of illegal gun possession. Did jail time. Deadbeat dad. 27 liens/judgments filed against him. His candidacy has also been disqualified from the ballot due to fraud.

3.    Vida Neil Rosiji. Guilty of aggravated assault. Filed for bankruptcy and refused to pay rent. Sued 24 times for non-payment of bills.

4.    Holly Walker. Pled guilty to distributing illegal drugs on or near school property.

5.    Vance Bowman. Right hand man of convicted felon Ali Sloan-El. Six court judgments for unpaid debts. 10 federal tax liens.

6.    Keith Carver, Aaron Cooper, Casbah Salaam, Serena Thomas, Delethia Carstarphen, Roberto Feliz, Luis Gaitan… all thrown off the ballot for invalid petitions.

Luckily, we have a great group of Democratic candidates running for office who will fight to stop the wave of fraud attempting to infiltrate our Party.

Melinda Kane, a Gold Star mom and advocate for veterans and their families, is running for an unexpired term as a Camden County Freeholder. Joining Melinda on the county ticket for freeholder are true progressives Ed McDonnell and Carmen Rodriguez, the county’s first Latina to serve on the freeholder board, and County Clerk Joe Ripa, one of the state’s strongest advocates for voting rights and a simpler voting process for mail-in ballots.

Our Camden County Progressive Team of Ripa, McDonnell, Rodriguez, and Kane takes great pride in our record on issues that matter to our families, such as:

  • Holding Big Pharma Accountable: We were the first county in the state to file a major lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry, targeting opioid manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and retailers who have fostered this epidemic. We also offer medical treatment for county inmates, half of whom suffer from addiction, and provide prisoner re-entry services to get them back on their feet with education and job training.
  • Standing up to Trump: We publicly opposed Trump every step of the way – from his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord to his immigration policy of separating families at the border. We have supported the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and programs to foster equality and cultural development.
  • Fighting for Better Wages: We instituted a $15 minimum wage in county government before the state passed it into law.
  • Taking on the NRA: We opposed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which would have required states to recognize concealed weapons permits granted by other states.

On June 4th don’t be fooled by the fake “reformers” who are trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party.

Vote for the Camden County Column 1 Progressive Team.

Follow us at www.CamdenCountyProgressiveDems.com for updates.


Jim Beach
Chairman, Camden County Democratic Committee

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