Joint Statement From LD14 Candidates Johnson, Elias and Gilmartin on Menendez Indictment

In the wake of the latest indictment of Senator Robert Menendez on charges of bribery, fraud and extortion, State Senate Candidate Patricia Johnson and her State Assembly running mates Adam Elias and Skye Gilmartin issued the following joint statement:

“After spending the better part of this week issuing one statement after another on George Helmy’s departure from the Murphy administration, Trenton Democrats have suddenly gone mute after their friend Bob Menendez was indicted yet again on political corruption charges. Silence is complicity. We call upon Linda Greenstein, Wayne DeAngelo, Tennille McCoy and all other Democrat candidates on the ballot this year to condemn the unlawful actions of Senator Menendez and to join our call for his immediate resignation.”


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