LD4 GOP Challengers Slam Moriarty for Being Weak, Ineffective Legislator

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Fourth Legislative District, September 25, 2023 – LD4 GOP challengers Chris Del Borrello, Matt Walker and Amanda Esposito today slammed incumbent Paul Moriarty as “weak and ineffective” for his failure to deliver even one-dollar in direct funding for the 4th Legislative District, despite voting “YES” on a horribly bloated state budget that increased state spending to $54.3 billion dollars – nearly $20 billion higher than Gov. Christie’s last budget.

“Other than being a loyal rubber stamp for increasingly insane policies pushed by the far-left radicals in Trenton, what the heck does Paul Moriarty do for the $49,000-a-year he’s being paid,” questioned GOP Senate challenger Chris Del Borrello.  “Moriarty has been in Trenton for 17 years – which you would at least think would allow him to know how to operate in Trenton and use his seniority to ‘bring home the bacon’ – but despite the biggest, most expensive state budget in history, Moriarty and his legislative office mates delivered zero dollars in direct funding for municipalities in the 4th District.  How could he possibly be that ineffective and influential after all this time?”

Walker and Esposito said Moriarty can’t even blame his failings on the fading power of South Jersey political boss George Norcross, who fell out of favor with the North and Central Jersey power brokers now leading the Democratic Party statewide.  The pair pointed to the fact that next door in the 5th Legislative District, Senator Beach and his team secured $34.5 million for Camden County, and Camden County towns received $64 million.

“South Jersey needs effective leadership who can fight for our fair share from Trenton – and Paul Moriarty has proven he can’t do that job,” said Walker.  “The state budget is so stuffed with pork that it gives me indigestion just thinking about it, but Moriarty can’t get one penny for our towns?  How can he defend that?

“Our district needs legislators who will fight to rein in wasteful spending, while ensuring that we make smart investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure,” said Esposito.  “Unfortunately, under Moriarty we get a budget sick with runaway spending, and then nothing for our already underserved and underrepresented towns.  It’s time for a change.”

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