Ramsey, NJ — Decorated former U.S. intelligence operations officer Lt. Col. Anthony (Tony) Shaffer (retired) today endorsed 5th District Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta in the upcoming July 7 primary election.


“Frank Pallotta is the best choice for the Republican nomination in the Fifth Congressional District of New Jersey,” said Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Analysis, a New York Times bestselling author and CIA-trained intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in global and national security. “Frank has spoken out forcefully in favor of the Second Amendment, which is more critical than ever to protecting Americans’ God-given rights – especially in these times where law enforcement is under fire and cannot always respond due to the chaos created by left wing riots.”


Lt. Col. Shaffer serves as an advisor to senior members of the White House, the Intelligence Community, Pentagon and key Members of Congress. He also works with National Geographic as an Advising Producer and Co-Producer of the series “Chain of Command.” In 2017 he became the Homeland Security Advisor to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department in Virginia, and works as its member of the New York Police Department Counterterrorism Bureau’s expanded task force.


In that regard, Shaffer went on, “Also, Frank understands that strong national defense begins with securing our borders. Most important, Frank believes in ensuring our military and intelligence agencies have the resources they need to remain the world’s superior fighting force. Finally, Frank will work together with President Trump with the memory of 9/11 in mind to ensure that we never lose sight of the ongoing threat terrorism and radical Islam poses to our nation.”


As a senior Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Shaffer received the Bronze Star and the Commander’s Award for Civil Service for his work on highly classified DoD special activities. He has detailed operational and policy expertise regarding the full spectrum of strategic national security issues; from being a pioneer in cyber operations, to being at the cutting edge of U.S. counterterrorism efforts and helping develop and use “weaponized technology.”


Lt. Col. Shaffer continued, “This race is especially important because it’s about ousting Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat who voted in favor of both of Nancy Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment after promising not to. Gottheimer has faced critical coverage from a fellow Democratic Member of Congress as a ‘bully,’ from a former colleague as a ‘terror,’ and from a former staffer as a ‘narcissistic, egotistical sociopath.’ It’s no surprise that Gottheimer made the top 10 list of turnover in a ranking of worst bosses in Congress. Republicans should nominate Frank Pallotta as the best chance of beating Josh Gottheimer and putting a Trump conservative in his place.”


Lt. Col. Shaffer concluded, “I proudly endorse Frank Pallotta in his run for the Republican primary in New Jersey’s Fifth District – too much is on the line to accept anything less than the strong leadership Frank will bring.”


“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Lt. Col. Shaffer,” said Pallotta. “His exemplary service to our great Nation prepares him to serve as a powerful voice of how best to preserve America’s security. It would be a privilege to draw on Lt. Col. Shaffer’s keen insight while representing New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District in Congress.”


Lt. Col. Shaffer endorsed Mr. Pallotta in his individual capacity, not on behalf of Trump 2020 nor as the President of the London Center for Policy Analysis, where he serves as President.


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