Matt Anderson Announces Monmouth State Committee Re-Election

Matt Anderson Announces Monmouth State Committee Re-Election

With the endorsement of more than 150 county committee members, elected officials, and municipal chairs, Matt Anderson has announced his re-election for Monmouth County Democratic State Committee.

“I am honored by the support I have received from more than 150 county committee members, elected officials, and municipal chairs. Over the last few years, I am proud to have helped elect dozens of local officials as we look to flip Monmouth from red to blue. But our work is not done, and I am committed to ensuring we defend the gains we have made and focus on electing more Democrats in Monmouth County,” said Matt Anderson.

Anderson was first elected in 2020, to fill an open seat. He was unchallenged in the Monmouth County Democrats 2020 convention. Anderson is also the Chairman and Founder of Millennials for NJ, a political action committee that recruits and raises money for millennial candidates.

“I could not be prouder to be supporting Matt for his re-election. Matt has been with my team since 2016, when Donald Trump won Howell 2-1, but Democrats won locally. Since then, Matt has been on the front lines helping flip towns from red to blue not only in Monmouth County, but across the state of NJ,” said Howell Mayor Dr. Theresa Berger.

“I am proud to endorse Matt Anderson for Monmouth State Committee. When I first got involved, Matawan was 7-0 Republican. With Matt’s help, we have flipped Matawan to be 7-0 Democrat. He has been with us since day one, knocking on doors in the summer heat, and helping us build lawn signs late at night. I am proud to support Matt and I know he will do a great job helping elect Democrats across Monmouth County,” said Matawan Mayor Joseph Altomonte.

Aberdeen Municipal Chair and Councilman Greg Cannon

Aberdeen Councilman Art Hirsch

Aberdeen Councilwoman Margaret Montone

Aberdeen Committeewoman and Board of Education President Allison Friedman

Allentown Municipal Chairman Rob Schmitt

Asbury Park Mayor John Moor

Asbury Park Committeewoman Moira Nelson

Asbury Park Committeeman Joe Grillo

Asbury Park Committeeman and Young Dems Treasurer Sam Berzok

Atlantic Highlands Municipal Chairwoman Regina Keelan

Atlantic Highlands Councilwoman Lori Hohenleitner

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Jon Crowley

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Roy Dellosso

Belmar Councilman Thomas Brennan

Belmar Committeeman John Hutchinson

Belmar Committeeman and former Mayor Matt Doherty

Bradley Beach Municipal Chairman Steve Lozowick

Bradley Beach Councilman Jon Weber

Bradley Beach Councilman Al Gubitosi

Brielle Municipal Chairwoman Geri Jannarone

Brielle Committeeman Kevin Starkey

Business Caucus Chairs Dennis Fotopolous and Joseph Tate

Colts Neck Municipal Chairwoman Allison DeNoia

Colts Neck Committeeman Chris Adams

Colts Neck Committeewoman LiliAnn Paras

Colts Neck Committeeman Gene Mulroy

Disability Caucus Chair Anita Clavering

Eatontown Councilwoman Danielle Jones

Former Monmouth County Young Dems Chair Devin Carrick

Fair Haven Municipal Chairman Shervyn Von Hoerl

Fair Haven Councilman Chris Rodriguez

Fair Haven Councilwoman Meg Chrisner-Keefe

Monmouth County Dems Treasurer Mary Pat Gendelman

Monmouth County Dems Parliamentarian Greg Cannon

Farmingdale Municipal Chairwoman Tricia Miller

Freehold Borough Mayor Kevin Kane

Freehold Borough Councilwoman Annette Jordan

Freehold Borough Councilwoman Margaret Rogers

Freehold Borough Councilman George Schnurr

Freehold Borough Councilman Adam Reich

Freehold Borough Committeewoman Ellen Kane

Freehold Township Municipal Chairwoman Meg Thomann

Freehold Township Committeeman Ray Raya

Freehold Township Committeeman Ritesh Shah

Freehold Township Committeewoman Haven Franklin

Freehold Township Committeeman Rich Pelaia

Freehold Township Committeeman Scott Berlin

Freehold Township Committeeman Ray Santiago

Assemblywoman Joann Downey

Hazlet Municipal Chair Vincent Solomeno

Hazlet Vice-Chair Mariel DiDato

Hazlet Committeeman Andy Bace

Hazlet Committeewoman Audrey Tyler

Highlands Municipal Chairman Chris Francy

Holmdel Municipal Chairwoman Barbara Singer

Holmdel Committeewoman Renee Luttrell

Holmdel Committeeman Larry Luttrell

Howell Mayor Theresa Berger

Howell Councilman Jon Bonevich

Howell Municipal Chairman John McCabe

Howell Committeewoman Brandi Moran

Howell Committeeman Jim Moran

Howell Committeeman Joe Tate

Interlaken Councilwoman Margaret Maloney

Interlaken Municipal Chairman Bob Napoli

Keansburg Municipal Chairman Matt Kitchen

Keansburg Committeewoman Dianne Kehoe

Keansburg Committeewoman Melissa Fera

Keansburg Committeewoman Deborah Keelen

Keansburg Committeewoman Katharine Rahner

Keansburg Committeewoman Marie Jimenez

Keansburg Committeeman Greg Siciliano

Keansburg Committeewoman David Cabrera

Keansburg Committeewoman Ray Heuer

Keyport Mayor Collette Kennedy

Keyport Municipal Chairman and Councilman Dennis Fotopoulos

Keyport Councilwoman Vicky Pacheco

Keyport Councilman Matt Goode

Lake Como Mayor Kevin Higgins

Little Vice Chair Joan Gotti

Little Silver Committeeman Matt Cohen

Loch Arbour Mayor Paul Fernicola

Long Branch Committeewoman Anita Clavering

Manalapan Municipal Chairwoman Susan Meltsner

Manalapan Committeewoman Amelia Rendeiro

Manalapan Committeewoman Rebecca Aaronson

Manalapan Committeewoman and State Committeewoman Ayesha Chaudhary

Manalapan Committeewoman Jamie Weiss

Manalapan Committeewoman Kristy Burns

Manalapan Committeeman Richard Aaronson

Manalapan Committeeman Adam Weiss

Manalapan Committeeman Mike Burns

Manalapan former Township Committee Member David Kane

Manasquan Mayor and Municipal Chair Ed Donovan

Manasquan Councilman Mike Mangan

Marlboro Councilman Jeff Cantor

Matawan Mayor Joe Altomonte

Matawan Councilwoman and Municipal Chair Deana Gunn

Matawan Committeeman Todd Gunn

Middletown Committeeman Sean Byrnes

Middletown Committeewoman Tricia Maguire

Middletown Committeewoman Danielle Walsh

Middletown Committeeman Chuck Fallon

Millstone Committeeman David Lande

Neptune City Municipal Chairwoman Cristina Kocsis

Neptune City Councilman Glen Kocsis

Neptune City Councilman Dave Calhoun

Neptune Township Mayor Rob Lane

Neptune Township Municipal Chairman Jim Mowczan

Neptune Township Committee Member Nick Williams

Neptune Township Committeeman Jim Manning

Neptune Township Committeewoman Lori Manning

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling

Ocean Township Mayor Chris Siciliano

Ocean Township Councilwoman Margie Donlon

Ocean Township Municipal Chairman Mike Beson

Ocean Township Committeeman John Duthie

Ocean Township Committeeman Steve Clayton

Ocean Township Committeeman Don Yacavone

Ocean Township Committeeman Ed DiFiglia

Ocean Township Committeeman Sean Cuffe

Oceanport Municipal Chairman Mike Sikan

Oceanport Committeewoman Karen Sikand

Red Bank Mayor Pat Menna

Red Bank Councilwoman Kathy Horgan

Red Bank Councilwoman Kate Triggiano

Red Bank Councilman Hazim Yassin

Red Bank Councilman Erik Yngstrom

Red Bank Committeeman Bruce Maida

Red Bank Committeewoman Barbara Boas

Red Bank Committeeman Richard Angowski

Roosevelt Mayor and Municipal Chair Peggy Malkin

Monmouth County Young Democrats Chairwoman Samantha Minchello

Monmouth County Young Democrats Vice President Cat Tung

Monmouth County Young Democrats Director of Communications Allison McLeod

Monmouth County Young Democrats Director of Events Mike Penna

Monmouth County Young Democrats Community Outreach Brian Harkavy

Sea Bright Municipal Chair and Councilman Marc Leckstein

Sea Bright Councilman Charles Rooney

Sea Bright Committeeman Rob Long

Sea Bright Committeewoman Carol Murphy

Sea Bright Committeewoman Susana Markson

Sea Girt Municipal Chairman Josh Hodes

Shrewsbury Municipal Chairwoman Carolyn Barber

Shrewsbury Committeeman Hans Zweerink

Shrewsbury Committeewoman Norma Rosenbloom

Spring Lake Mayor and Municipal Chair Jenn Naughton

Spring Lake Councilwoman Syd Whalley

Spring Lake Heights Municipal Chairwoman Eileen Eilenberger

Spring Lake Heights Committeeman Thomas O’Brien

South Asian Caucus Chair Ritesh Shah

Tinton Falls Municipal Chairman Mitch Kulberg

Tinton Falls Committeewoman Amy Mallet

Union Beach Municipal Chairman Ken Connors

Union Beach Committeeman Ryan Sobin

Upper Freehold Municipal Chairman Elliot Wiesner

Wall Township Municipal Chairwoman Allison Connolly

Wall Township Municipal Vice Chairman Eric Brophy

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