New Direction New Jersey Launches New Ad

New Direction New Jersey, a 501(c)4 established to promote and support a progressive agenda, is launching its second ad campaign today.

The ad, which will run on TV statewide, promotes all that the Murphy administration and its allies have accomplished in its first year. It closes with a call to enact a $15 minimum wage, which would ensure hundreds of thousands of New Jersey families a living wage.

“Governor Murphy and his allies have already brought much-needed change to New Jersey,” Brendan Gill, Senior Adviser to New Direction New Jersey, said. “In less than a year, they have put our state on a path to fully fund our public schools, enacted the nation’s strongest equal pay law, lowered health insurance costs over 9%, and led the way nationally with gun safety measures. Now, it is finally time to ensure hundreds of thousands of working families in New Jersey a living wage, and raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.”

The ad features New Jerseyans walking alongside Gov. Murphy in a modern office building. Via voiceover, Gov. Murphy states,  “In Jersey, for too long, too little got done,” and then launches into progressive accomplishments such as funding public schools, middle class tax relief, stronger equal pay laws, funding Planned Parenthood, restoring homestead rebates and lowering health insurance costs. At the :20 spot, Gov. Murphy addresses the camera directly and advocates for a $15 minimum wage as the next step in making an economy that works for every family.

This ad campaign will reach more than 3 million New Jersey households.

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