New Jersey Main Street Alliance Statement in response to Governor Phil Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget

Highland Park — New Jersey Main Street Alliance released the following statement today in response toGovernor Phil Murphy’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget address.

“This budget brings our corporate tax incentive programs back in line with reality and levels the playing field for small business owners who pay their fair share of taxes,” said Raj Bath, Business Representative for New Jersey Main Street Alliance. “For nearly a decade our largest and most influential corporations and our wealthiest residents have benefited from massive tax breaks while main street New Jersey has been starved of critical investments in areas such as transportation, infrastructure and workforce development. This budget ensures that corporations and millionaires pay their fair share for programs and services that benefit businesses of all sizes. Small business is the backbone of our economy and New Jersey needs to invest our real job creators and the middle class that buys their goods and services, not corporations that give their profits to out-of-state shareholders.  We look forward to working with Governor Murphy and the State Legislature on building a common sense budget that works for main street.”

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