New Jersey Progressive Grassroots Organizations Call for Unity Among all Democrats in Support of Sen. Menendez


Newark, NJ– Progressive organizations across New Jersey released the following statement calling for unity among all Democrats in support of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez:


“The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. Democrats across New Jersey–progressives and moderates alike–need to unite behind Senator Bob Menendez, a proven fighter, and champion for the values we all cherish. Attempts to buy this election or divide us only serve to help Donald Trump elect his financier and delegate, Bob Hugin, another right-wing conservative who will do Trump’s bidding.  


In the midst of these attacks by the Trump administration and his greedy financiers like Bob Hugin, Bob Menendez has stood tall, fighting for low-income and working people in New Jersey.

Senator Menendez has been a clear and consistent voice against Donald Trump’s dangerous policies since day one and is standing in strong opposition to Trump’s dangerous Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who threatens to roll back generations of progress made.   


He has fought for the children the Trump Administration heartlessly ripped from their parents’ arms as they came to our country seeking refuge from horrific violence back home. He has an extensive record fighting for the issues that matter most to New Jerseyans: access to affordable health care; protecting New Jersey from offshore drilling, gun safety, ensuring equal rights for women, protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, workers, voters, immigrants, and consumers; helping students pay for college without being saddled under a mountain of debt; and growing the middle class. His record is unparalleled and he has never once wavered.


He fights for us in Washington every day and we need to send him back there this November.”


Action Together Bergen County

Action Together New Jersey

Bergen Indivisible for Democracy

BlueWave NJ

Glen Rock After the March

Highlands Resistance

Indivisible NJ

Indivisible NJ 4th District

Indivisible NJ 5th District

Mahwah After the March

New Jersey Working Families Alliance

Ramsey Pins

Ridgewood JOLT

Ringwood Indivisible

Women for Progress

Women of Action NJ

Women’s March NJ

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