NJDSC Condemns Kean for False, Desperate Attack Ad Against Rep. Malinowski 

NJDSC Condemns Kean for False, Desperate Attack Ad Against Rep. Malinowski

Kean Should be Ashamed of Race Baiting, Fear Mongering Attack


TRENTON, NJ — The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is condemning Congressional candidate Tom Kean, Jr., for a television ad being run on his behalf by the National Republican Congressional Committee that engages in blatant race baiting and fear mongering, all while repeating a false and debunked claim against U.S. Representative Tom Malinowski. NJDSC Vice Chair Peg Schaffer is releasing the following statement:

“Tom Kean Jr. knows full well the NRCC ad is flat out wrong; just as Kean knows that if voters see his 20 year Trenton record of disastrous policies and being bought off by the special interests, they will never elect him to Congress. That’s why he’s desperately trying to change the subject and deflect attention away from those glaring vulnerabilities by lying about Congressman Malinowski, and in the process engaging in the worst kind of race baiting and fear mongering with this reprehensible ad. That kind of cynical political misdirection isn’t going to work, because voters in the 7th district have seen Tom Malinowski’s leadership in the last two years and know that he can be counted on to fight for the middle class, unlike Tom Kean, Jr.”


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