NJGOP: Murphy Bailed Out by Federal Government and American Medical Genius

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

NJGOP: Murphy Bailed Out by Federal Government and American Medical Genius

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Trenton– As the Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed around the country, New Jersey has been reaching all time highs in new Covid cases seemingly daily during December, with new cases exceeding five thousand five times in the last 10 days.

Earlier this year, Governor Murphy ordered Covid positive patients back into nursing homes, and a new report shows New Jersey has the highest death rate in the world at 199 per 100,000 people.

NJGOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano issued the following statement:

“It is becoming more and more clear with each new record high in cases that Governor Murphy’s response to Covid has failed New Jersey. He has blown past every constitutional red line, is governing by fiat, and killing our small businesses and economy with draconian regulations not based in science. As a result, NJ has the 6th worst unemployment rate in America, and 1/3rd of our businesses are gone. It’s now crystal clear that this was all for naught, as our new cases reached shocking all time highs several times already this month. Murphy’s incompetence has reared its head on taxes, spending, management of the unemployment office, the MVC debacle, and now he’s strangled our economy to death just to see Covid be worse in New Jersey than ever before.”

“Thankfully, his disastrous failure is being bailed out by the brilliant American scientists and corporate titans who developed and manufactured the vaccine, and the Trump Administration who is, at this very moment, delivering it to New Jersey. During this entire crisis Governor Murphy has failed New Jersey, killing our economy, and taking actions that lead to the deaths of thousands. We should all be thankful that his incompetence on this matter will become less impactful, as the vaccine is delivered to New Jersey by the Republican Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed.”

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