Ocean County Statement from Victor Finamore

It has a great opportunity to have been contacted by many people of interest and local business owners  when they first got word of Jerry Little stepping down from the many great years of service.   It was an opportunity to engage with the Ocean County GOP  during the screening process.  As well it will be great to have a moment to speak during the upcoming convention. 
I haven’t made my final decisions at this time, because of the outreach of support from many people between calls all day and night, private text messages and emails.
 I’ve had several companies, business owners and private investment firms present me with serious financial offers to take the run for primary or on my own.
One of the complaints that I’ve heard is, it’s because the public is tired of the same old professionals on both sides of the party   who seem to have their own objectives.  
Whereas  what makes me different is, I’m not the Financial  CEO, the Wall St. guru, the High powered Attorney likes to share olden days of football stories. 
I am a real person, who worked side by side with many others dealing with real life challenges and many times as to others working paycheck to paycheck.  I’m a very transparent, dedicated  progressive concervative who wants to get things done for the people first. I know what it’s like to struggle and to accept sacrifices.  I am respected by both party lines because of my integrity to do what’s right for the people and business owner first.  I have a plan, or I should say a master plan that would help towards fixing NJ or at the least bring a balance to the cause and it’s need.  
I’ve shared my vision multiple times among those who’ve previously run and someone currently running how we can make this work, it may be my idea; but i need the help from others to come together and make it work.  “more about that, another time”
 I am for equality, equality rights, bringing together the black and brown communities that have been misrepresented for many years, they need a voice and support. Theres too much discrimination not just here in Nj but across the many states to discriminate only generates hate and when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, why does this even continue it’s 2021?  This among many other things has to stop and stop now  for everyone  to attempt to have a peaceful life together, we are much better than that.  Think we’ve seen enough of what selfishness, power and it’s greed has done to this state, our communities, our neighbors, our family and friends, isn’t time for a change.?  I can’t do it all alone, I need your help to do a little on this part. even if it’s just holding the door for them, giving someone a ride to work or offering someone a job lead.  it’s really that simple.”
I am a strong second amendment supporter  and will always look to uphold our constitution and the second amendment. I do support the police  and union workers unions for fair and equal trade. Our teachers union is valued because our education system is the most important system that we have to give back to those of our future.  An old friend of mine, a professor  for many years from a local university, would spend countless hours at the dining table to review each and every student who had homework assignments; with enough time left to make dinner for the family, and back to work a few hours before bed. That’s what great teachers do. 
 I understand the dedication that’s involved and the challenges that teachers are put through. Our school formula I will argue with, because I’m watching the damage of raised taxes causing the discrepancies in families who are struggling. With many families in fear of losing their homes due to foreclosure, skyrocketing property taxes. Watching rentals double throughout NJ, much of that cost is going toward paying property taxes.  As property taxes increase, so does the rent.  I currently work in housing, I see everyday people struggle to save their homes from foreclosure, the question becomes what happens after the COVID forbearance ends?  My work still continues with Superstorm Sandy that many seem to have forgotten about but I haven’t  and along with  other agencies working together are still trying to get people back home.
That disparity now becomes everyone’s problem, people who can’t afford to live in a local town  but can’t afford to leave NJ, who are forced to move 30miles south to save a few hundred dollars. The job market is dictated by aging algorithms that are not realistic, since when an adult over 40 is forced out of employment by agisim or forced to accept a minimum wage job . Because that person has to make a choice and it’s a sacrifice,to be responsible for keeping a roof over their head.  We need an economic plan that half of NJ can recover from in many ways, and in time – I hope that my plan will one day roll out to bring balance to this troubled State in addition to many employment opportunities in southern NJ.  Best part, it’s my plan and I own it, no one can compete with that.    
Those who were following me over the past years already know that I’ve worked on several goubentory, congressional and local candidate campaigns that bring close to 15 years or more of experience.  I myself ran twice  for BOE knowing the many challenges that I would take on while knowing the risk involved including frivolous and arenous rumors.   
it’s nothing new, it will happen to every or any candidate who puts their name out there, people will be people. 
All of this has been great research and well documented shared information that I’ve been building a list of resources up to this day. In just a little over ten years I’ve seen so much in so many places So many heartaches, so many faces of people I’ve met over the years. I’m simply amazed  by all the information recently shared with me, from various projects, bonds, programs and much, much more.  just a lot of valuable information to work with and much to think about now knowing whose who to who.  
However before going any further, prior to COVID, I was making my rounds up and down the state speaking at various club meetings talking about NJ, once the COVID process is over, I will continue the tour for much greater things to come and to discuss later.  As to many who already know  that last year I took part of a walk in Morris County alongside other leaders who spoke out against the many bans for the small business owners who are struggling not only in Morris County, but all over NJ.  
That walk was covered by various media outlets  News 12 and New 4.
It’s still early, I’m still meeting with many people and business owners.  I’ve taken a lot into consideration  and will make that decision shortly. 
One of the things that I’ve made clear at every candidate event  is, Ocean County has many great candidates, each one with a history and background. It won’t be my or come from  financial influence, it will be the vote of the people by the people who will make that choice.   Ocean County not only has me to look at but they also have Bobbie Jo Crea, a councilwoman and previous has served as mayor of Little Egg Harbor Township. with over 30 years of leadership of various levels.  We have  Brick Township Resident Michael Thulen, Sr  a former Bricktown Councilman and advocate for transparency and truth and fought many times of stabilization of resident’s taxes.
lets not forget Former Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor Rory Wells  an successful local Attorney and family man. whose incitement to represent a number of interests including military service, law enforcement, diversity  to our community.  
not to mention other candidates with various backgrounds and deep history. 
How does the public get to choose who’s the best candidate.  Even if I were not running, I would have a challenging moment to choose just between these three names mentioned? 
Either way, I’m still not done yet – if not this – there will be much more to come, I’m just warming up. With each passing term, there will always be another candidate and
for those who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself; and if you indulge me a bit,  I like to make some much needed changes for everyone..
Victor Finamore
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