Official Statement from Will Cunningham on Receiving the Endorsement of Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings​

Official Statement from Will Cunningham on Receiving the Endorsement of Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings​


“I am beyond honored to receive the endorsement of Dr. Maya Cummings, the former Chairperson of the Maryland Democratic Party and the wife of the late great Chairman Elijah Cummings. Mr. Cummings was a mentor to me while I served as a Chief Investigator on the House Oversight Committee. His legacy will live on in his desire to bring new voices like mine to Congress. I was honored to have Chairman Cummings’ endorsement when I ran against Jeff Van Drew in 2018. Maya is a champion of Elijah’s causes through and through, and her endorsement reaffirms that I am the candidate to bring true, progressive reform and bold leadership to New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District,” said Cunningham.

“Will Cunningham is a fierce, African-American advocate for true reform who served my husband proudly as a Chief Investigator on Capitol Hill. Will overcame intense hardship growing up in South Jersey, and will use his congressional experience to get results for your family” said Dr. Cummings.

“Dr. Cumminngs recognizes that my experience is unparalleled and that I will bring fresh leadership and deep policy expertise on key issues to Congress. In a nation whose elected officials are 90% white, it is time that our leaders understand the struggle of those they seek to serve because it is their lived experience as well, Cunningham continued.

“For the House Oversight Committee, I led investigations as a Chief Investigator that resulted in the firing of the CEO of e-cigarette company JUUL for marketing to children, student loan relief from predatory for-profit colleges, and accountability for pharmaceutical companies. My extensive experience speaks for itself and proves that I am the only candidate in the race who already knows how to be effective in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have gotten results in Congress and I am prepared and qualified to continue my work there as a fighter for my community. My campaign was founded upon my being a fierce advocate for the people of South Jersey and I could not be more proud to have the seal of approval from the wife of the legendary Elijah Cummings,” Cunningham stated.

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