On Two-Year Anniversary of Dobbs Decision, NJ Voters Can Only Trust One Senate Candidate to Protect Reproductive Freedoms: Andy Kim

On Two-Year Anniversary of Dobbs Decision, NJ Voters Can Only Trust One Senate

Candidate to Protect Reproductive Freedoms: Andy Kim


MOORESTOWN, NJ –  Today, on the two-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s devastating Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, New Jersey voters face a clear choice in who they can trust to restore reproductive freedoms for women: pro-choice champion Congressman Andy Kim, or Trump-endorsing Republican multi-millionaire, Curtis Bashaw who proudly declared, “I support the Dobbs decision.”


“It’s shameful that Curtis Bashaw wholeheartedly supports the Supreme Court’s horrific Dobbs decision that took away women’s rights,” said Congressman Andy Kim. “Let’s be clear here — Bashaw voted for Trump, would vote for extremist anti-abortion Supreme Court justices if elected to the Senate, and opposes national legislation to protect reproductive rights for women. He has no place representing New Jersey families in the Senate.”


Here’s Curtis Bashaw’s real record on women’s reproductive freedoms:


  • Bashaw has shown full support of the 2022 ruling that stripped the constitutional right to abortion, ‘Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization’, leaving millions of women’s lives in peril as Courts, not medically trained Doctors now get to decide ‘how close women are to death’ to intervene.
  • He has said he is glad states are able to legislate women’s bodies, demonstrating he has no problem with the government making decisions about a woman’s body and invading conversations that are meant for a woman and her doctor.
  • He has labeled Democrats as ‘extremists, simply for trying to protect women of this country.
  • His political party has openly supported a national abortion ban as recently as March 2024, has voted against protections for women who want to undergo IVF, and just this month blocked and voted against Democratic efforts to protect access to contraceptives, which was put forward so women would have protection in the event that states across the country ban access, which is a direct result of the 2022 Dobbs decision.


In direct contrast, Congressman Andy Kim has been a consistent ally for the women of New Jersey in Congress and will be a champion for them in the Senate:


  • Andy has received U.S. Senate endorsements from pro-choice organizations like Reproductive Freedom For All and both the National and New Jersey chapters of the National Organization for Women. While Planned Parenthood Action Fund(PPAF) does not endorse during a Primary election, Andy has previously been endorsed by them during all three of his prior congressional campaigns.
  • Andy has co-sponsored & voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify the reproductive rights of women across the U.S.
  • Andy co-sponsored and voted for the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, which would bar states from restricting any woman’s ability to travel out of state to receive abortion care.
  • Andy voted against Republican efforts to cut funding for reproductive health, limit travel, & otherwise erect unnecessary barriers for women seeking health and reproductive care.
  • Andy co-sponsored and voted for the Right to Contraception Act, to ensure everyone has the right to prevent pregnancy and choose if and when to start a family on their terms, not the Government’s.
  • Andy led the effort to push back against Republican attempts to weaponize reproductive rights for female servicemembers and families as Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel.


As a son of immigrants and a graduate from New Jersey public schools, Congressman Andy Kim has been proud to represent his home community in Congress. Andy is a young father of two little boys and represents a new generation of leadership stepping up to fix our broken politics. As a former national security official, Andy previously advised President Obama on counterterrorism and worked for four-star generals in Afghanistan. Andy went on to win a Congressional district that Trump won twice by defeating three consecutive self-funding republican millionaires. In his three terms in Congress, Andy has worked hard to lower costs for New Jersey families and help support small businesses through challenging times. Andy is now stepping up to run for senate to fight against corruption and restore integrity to public service.




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