Pallotta Calls Out Murphy on Bill of Rights “Taste” Comment

Republican Frank Pallotta filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to challenge Rep. Josh Gottheimer in NJ’s 5th congressional district.

Pallotta Calls Out Murphy on Bill of Rights “Taste” Comment

MAHWAH – CD5 Republican congressional candidate Frank Pallotta questioned Governor Phil Murphy’s knowledge of basic America civics over a comment Murphy made at a press conference yesterday. Murphy was responding to pushback over actions taken by his administration to prevent the legal ownership of firearms in New Jersey.

When asked by Second Amendment Society President Alex Roubian about his decision to label gun shops as a “non-essential business” Murphy replied: “A safer society for my taste has fewer guns and not more guns… The guns that do exist are at the hands of the right people, particularly trained members of law enforcement.”

“Is the Governor really this ignorant of our Bill of Rights? Did he spend too much time over in Europe? Does he actually believe the Second Amendment applies only to an armed constabulary?” Pallotta added, “His ignorance is astounding. Maybe he should retake high school civics.”

Pallotta blasted the Governor for releasing thousands of convicted criminals while using executive orders to repudiate the Bill of Right’s Second Amendment and denying law-abiding taxpayers the right to defend themselves. “The Governor is being reckless and cavalier in his pursuit of a purely ideological agenda,” Pallotta said. “How can an executive order, without a vote of the Legislature, be advanced as a means to deny citizens their rights under the Constitution?” Pallotta noted that the Governor’s executive orders in this regard “may be illegal” and could raise litigation and make the state subject to penalties.

Pallotta called upon Republicans in the Legislature, as well as county and local leaders, to speak with one voice and ask Governor Murphy to respect the Bill of Rights and to accept the limitations of his powers. He asked Democrats and Independents who value the Bill of Rights to join in.

“Clearly this is a case of overreach,” Pallotta said. “It’s time for Phil Murphy to accept that in this country we acknowledge our rights are granted by the Almighty, and he isn’t the Almighty.”

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