PASSED: Corrado Law Expands Non-Profit Access to Service Families with Disabilities 

PASSED: Corrado Law Expands Non-Profit Access to Service Families with Disabilities

Legislation sponsored by Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40) to exempt non-profit organizations that provided service to people with developmental disabilities from motor vehicle registration fees has been approved by the governor.

“Non-profit organizations can now provide rides to the doctor, school, and work without having to pay the fees that come with registering a car or van,” explained Corrado. “With its signing, individuals with developmental disabilities will have additional resources instead of depending on family members to provide them with critical rides. ”

The bipartisan bill, S-3555, sponsored by Senator Corrado and Senate President Steve Sweeney will broaden the scope of organizations that will not be charged vehicle registration fees. Similar to the exemption the American Red Cross, Boy Boys Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, ambulances owned by any nonprofit organization, as well as many other well-intentioned organizations.

2010 Rutgers University policy brief found that 70.1% of individuals in New Jersey with developmental disabilities lived at home with their families, 22.1% lived out of the home, and 7.8% lived in their own homes. Additional transportation services would directly assist these individuals and their families.

“I am glad to see that red tape was cut and the opportunity for New Jersey families was placed first,” said Corrado. “People with disabilities are often limited to the resources they have, additional transportation can give freedom and access without relying on family members to provide rides.”

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