Patients Are Still Waiting More Medical Marijuana Permits Are Needed Now in NJ

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s repeated recognition of the significant supply issues in the medical marijuana marketplace at its initial meetings is greatly appreciated by the 110,000+ qualified medical patients across New Jersey who face challenges accessing the quality, affordable medical cannabis they need to treat their qualifying conditions. However, the time is long overdue for the state to do something about it.

A first step is for the State to put an end to the unnecessary litigation and legal proceedings that have been delaying the issuing of desperately needed medical marijuana permits. Last November, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court issued an opinion finding significant issues with the process used by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) during the 2018 RFA process.

With this Court ruling on the books since last year, essentially supporting the issuing of additional licenses from the 2018 applicant pool, it makes no sense the NJDOH has failed to act. In its own Biennial Report, the NJDOH recognized the need for more medical marijuana permits, stating approximately 90 dispensaries were needed by this year to serve patient population alone. With the state nowhere near that, and the medical cannabis market mired in lawsuits, patients are suffering. The CRC should act now to finally put patients first.


About Alliance for Statewide Access for Patients (ASAP)
Comprised of medical marijuana patients, advocates and stakeholders, ASAP is calling for the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) to make medical marijuana patients a greater priority by issuing more medical marijuana permits NOW! Visit to learn more.

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