Pennacchio – The Wrong Choice for Republicans, says Mastrangelo

(Montville, NJ) Senator Joe Pennacchio continues to prove why he is the wrong choice for voters in Legislative District 26 , as he churns out campaign messages that lie about his achievements, said Republican challenger Tom Mastrangelo, who is seeking voter support in the June 6 Primary Election.

“I want to immediately disabuse anyone of the thought that Joe Pennacchio is a conservative, a tax cutter or a fighter for the people he represents. He’s none of those things and it’s time to end his reign of incompetence in the legislature,” said Mastrangelo in a statement issued today.

Mastrangelo said that Pennacchio posing as a tax cutter is ludicrous. “Since Joe Pennacchio was elected to the legislature, property taxes in New Jersey have more than doubled. When he was first elected, property taxes in Parsippany were $4,664. Today they are $10,100.”

“If Joe Pennacchio has been fighting to lower taxes, he’s been knocked out. It’s time to count to 10 and put someone else in the ring,” said Mastrangelo, a Morris County Commissioner with a record of zero tax increases.

Mastrangelo said that Morris and Passaic counties’ property tax increases reflect Pennacchio’s inability to get more state education aid for his constituents. He noted that the City of Passaic, with a population of less than 70,000 received in the current school year, $82 million MORE in state education aid than the entire county of Morris with a population of less than 513,000 people.

Mastrangelo added that the City of Newark this year received more than $1 billion in school aid; more than 5 times the $190 million that Morris County received in this school year.


Pennacchio’s ads claim that he has been standing up to Gov. Murphy’s liberal policies and that he is holding the governor accountable for the Covid 19 deaths in nursing homes. Mastrangelo called the claim “ludicrous” .

“If standing up to our liberal governor means, having your aide post a press release on a Republican legislative website while you are in your Florida home, then Pennacchio gets and A. But if it means challenging and derailing the Democrat’s policies, then the senator gets a well-deserved F,” said Mastrangelo .

When it comes to heading off the state’s woke policy intrusions into our school system, Pennacchio has been an exceptional failure, said Mastrangelo.

“Over the past few years, the woke Democrats have infected our school curriculum with a disturbing gender-denying sex education program and a so-called disinformation curriculum that teaches children to ignore conservative media and embrace the “fairness” of left-wing outlets such as the Washington Post, CNBC and the N.Y. Times,” Mastrangelo pointed out.

“How can Jersey Joe call himself a successful conservative fighter when he is continually beaten to the punch by woke extremists?” asked Mastrangelo.

“Joe Pennacchio is simply the wrong choice for Republican voters in Morris and Passaic counties,” said Mastrangelo. “No amount of campaign ads or personal attacks against me can change his disappointing record.”

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