Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah Holds Successful Victory Celebration And Fundraiser

Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, fresh off a landslide victory in November 2022, held a successful victory fundraiser at the Brownstone on Tuesday.

The event raised $30,000 and had over 100 attendees, despite the snowy weather.

Statewide and Passaic County dignitaries attended the event, including Passaic County Democratic Chairman John Currie, who praised Khairullah’s service.

In his speech, Khairullah struck a tone of ‘thinking globally’ while ‘acting locally’, pointing to recent efforts he has organized to provide relief to earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey.  Khairullah has taken the lead on many important international issues, particular relating to Syria.

In Prospect Park, the mayor has initiated many local programs and projects, including: piloting a four-day municipal work week, sewer line replacement, road resurfacing, digital transformation of Borough Hall, community energy plan adoption, LED streetlight conversion, and launching the MyProspectPark mobile app for residents.

The longest-serving Muslim mayor currently in the state, Khairullah won his fifth term as Prospect Park mayor last year, and has become a strong fundraiser, evidenced by the figure raised for his victory celebration, which would be an asset if the Mayor pursues higher office in the future.


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