Councilman Curtis Jenkins

“I’ve been working with Donald Norcross to secure high-paying jobs in the building trades for Camden City residents for over 20 years,” said Councilman Curtis Jenkins. “I’m a laborer, he’s an electrician, and we’ve stood on the picket lines together and have worked to boost registered apprenticeships and job training programs for our neighbors. We have a very important shared goal – to provide a path to a good career for everyone in Camden, and I couldn’t have a better partner in that fight.”


Camden Mayor Frank Moran

“Don Norcross and I both live in Camden and have been fighting for its residents for years and years. We know that our city will only be invincible if everyone is afforded the opportunity to secure a good-paying job,” said Camden Mayor Frank Moran. “I’ve stood next to Donald at ribbon-cuttings and grant announcements, and know that his love for our city is genuine. He is a fighter, who is committed to job growth and increasing wages for working men and women, and I’m always glad to have him on my side – and the side of all Camden residents.”


Sheriff Gilbert (Whip) Wilson 

“I’ve served with Donald in the legislature and know the passion he has in his heart for the city we both call home. He has gone above and beyond to improve and enhance access to jobs, education and public safety. There can be no question- he has made lifting up our city his life’s work,” said Sheriff Gilbert (Whip) Wilson.


Freeholder Jon Young

“There is no greater advocate for Camden and its residents than Donald Norcross. I have worked hand and hand with him on programs to boost employment, provide opportunities and put people to work throughout the city,” said Freeholder Jon Young.


Reverend Chris Collins

“I know Congressman Norcross cares deeply about the Camden community and making sure every man and woman is able to access a good-paying job. I know that because I attended the 2018 Faith and Politics Institute’s Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Alabama and Tennessee with the Congressman and had the opportunity to see some of our nation’s most important civil rights sites and talk to Donald extensively about our city and economic justice,” said Reverend Chris Collins. “In Memphis, for example, we met Elmore Nickleberry, a sanitation worker who stood with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 during the workers’ strike, and Donald talked to him extensively about wages, workers’ rights and equality. To see the connection between these men firsthand was inspiring, and I am convinced that Donald will always stand up for our city’s residents and ensure they have the opportunity to earn living wages.”


Former Camden City Mayor Dana Redd

“I’ve lived in Camden my whole life and devoted my professional career to improving our city and providing more career opportunities for Camden residents. I’ve known and worked alongside Donald Norcross for decades and, together, we’ve focused on growing jobs, enhancing educational opportunities and keeping our communities safe,” said Former Camden City Mayor Dana Redd. “We both care deeply about Camden and its residents, and when it comes to the continued Camden rising movement, I know we can always count on Don.”


Camden Minister Wasim Muhammad

“Our community is committed to lifting up working men and women in Camden,” said Minister Wasim Muhammad, Muhammad’s Temple of Islam No. 20 in Camden. “As we strive to make our streets safer and provide more job and training opportunities for the youth and those who have fallen on hard times, we have a strong advocate in Donald Norcross. Our Congressman listens to the needs of the young and old, and puts the City of Camden first.”


Sister Nurah Muhammad

“Congressman Norcross fights for commonsense solutions that will help working families every day,” said Sister Nurah Muhammad. “He is making sure families in Camden have access to affordable healthcare and that our elders can retire with dignity. Further, I thank the Congressman for prioritizing job training for youth that will lead to successful careers.”




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