Representative Malinowski Provides Updates on Constituents Stranded Abroad

Insider NJ's Fred Snowflack reports on Rep. Tom Malinowski's recent work time event where he addressed what he called fundamental questions to a jam-packed room of more than 100 in the Summit town library.

 Representative Malinowski Provides Updates on Constituents Stranded Abroad

Secures Return of 32 NJ-07 Residents

(Somerville, NJ) This week, Representative Malinowski announced the return of 32 constituents and family members who were stranded abroad as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Without notice, many countries closed their borders, severely limiting commercial flights, and leaving constituents with few options of return.

Since the crisis began the Congressman and his staff have been in close contact with those stranded and aggressively exploring avenues to bring them home from countries around the world, including Peru, Guatemala, Morocco, Ethiopia and the Zaandam cruise ship. Last week the Congressman led a bipartisan letter to President Trump urging him to quickly intervene to facilitate the docking of the Zaandam and Rotterdam cruise ships. Shortly thereafter the ships were approved to dock in Florida. Read the letter here.

“I contacted Congressman Malinowski’s office, and less than 24 hours later I received a phone call from a staffer. I knew immediately that he was taking action on behalf of my son and the others. Many thanks to you and your staff for making a terribly stressful situation much more bearable.  I am truly thankful for the swift, professional, and compassionate help we received,” said Kathy Walsh from Lebanon Township, whose son was serving in Indonesia as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant when the travel crisis went global.

“After such difficult journeys I am very happy to welcome these constituents home,” said Congressman Malinowski. “Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if you or a loved one are still stranded abroad- we will do all we can to bring you home to New Jersey as quickly as possible.”

Recently, India went on nationwide quarantine, limiting travel and preventing many American citizens and members of our community from returning to New Jersey. The office has seen an uptick of constituents and family members requesting help to return to the United States. Where appropriate, the office has been highlighting emergency humanitarian conditions of our constituents and family members that warrant prioritization for evacuation flights. If you know of a district resident or family member struggling to evacuate from India or elsewhere, please contact our office for assistance at 908-547-3307.

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