Perth Amboy – Perth Amboy is known as a historic town and as a City of First. The Perth Amboy
Republicans will have the opportunity to make history, as one of their own representatives will be nominated for the office of Middlesex County Republican Chair at the upcoming Middlesex County Republican Reorganization being held on June 22nd in Fords, NJ. In a New Brunswick Today news article, Middlesex County Republican Organization Chairwoman Lucille Panos, formerly a resident of Old Bridge, said she will likely step down from her position and not seek re-election at this year’s reorganization.

“I endorse Sharon Hubberman for Chair of the Middlesex County Republican Organization because she has a proven record of growing the Republican Party in a town that has a democrat stronghold. I feel she will bring the same energy and enthusiasm that she has shown for her town to the County,” said Dr. Anita Greenberg Belli, Old Bridge Republican Chair and Old Bridge At-Large Councilwoman. “She is a good listener, problem solver, with excellent people skills that would bring people together which has been lacking on the county level. Her leadership skills are unmatched, and her positive energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the party will make a difference. Her tenacity and passion will make the Republican Party proud.”

Old Bridge is a Republican stronghold in Middlesex County with a strong winning record.

“I feel very honored and humbled to be endorsed for the office of Middlesex County Republican Chair, and am very grateful and thankful to have Anita’s support” said Sharon D. Hubberman, Perth Amboy Republican Chair, who was born and raised in Perth Amboy. “This is a wonderful opportunity to excel as a vigorous party and we have a very strong team of talented and exceptional leaders who will join me in leading the Republican Party in a positive direction. Through dedication, and perseverance, our party will thrive. We are ready to hit the ground running.”

Joining Ms. Hubberman is former Milltown Councilman Richard Revolinsky for the office of Vice Chair,
Marilyn Colon of Avenel for Secretary, and Glenn D’Antuono of Old Bridge for Treasurer.

“I believe good governance addresses the needs and desires of every voter,” said Revolinsky. “We are here to support all towns and provide a voice for smaller municipalities and diverse cities. It is about inclusion for all.”

The team is dedicated to building the party and bringing positive change. “I have lived in a still-water
political environment, and I look forward to being part of this unique opportunity to connect and trigger a movement and current that can take us to a larger and activated Republican base,” said Colon.

“I support the change that is needed within the Republican organization to move us forward,” said
D’Antuono. “It is time for the Republican Party to work with the next generation of voters while still
understanding the importance of history and tradition to keep our organization grounded.”

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