Sacco: Larry Wainstein is a Chris Christie Republican


Larry Wainstein is a Chris Christie Republican!

Wainstein was among Christie’s Most Faithful Supporters, Endorsed and Called Him ‘A True Friend’

NORTH BERGEN, NJ — Lying Larry Wainstein has many troubling associates, from convicted criminals like Joe Mocco to shady lawyers and con men. But there is one other Wainstein friend who stands out from the rest — the worst Governor in New Jersey history, Chris Christie! Wainstein was one of Christie’s most faithful supporters, endorsing his 2013 re-election campaign and calling him “a true friend” and a “tireless advocate.” Wainstein’s endorsement came at the same time Christie was decimating North Bergen schools and others throughout the state with draconian funding cuts, refusing to build the 69th Street Bridge Overpass, neglecting NJTRANSIT and regional infrastructure and demonizing hardworking public employees like teachers, police officers and firefighters. Just months after Wainstein’s endorsement, Christie’s Bridgegate scandal became a national embarrassment and the Governor was exposed for what he truly is — a corrupt politician who bullied and abused anyone who stood in his way, except leaders who stood up to him like Nick Sacco.

“While Larry Wainstein was sucking up to Chris Christie and endorsing his campaign for Governor, Nick Sacco was standing up to the state’s biggest bully and fighting for our Democratic values,” said Sacco Team Spokesperson Wendy Martinez. “Nick Sacco proudly stood with Barbara Buono when many other Democrats wouldn’t, and Sacco always opposed Chris Christie because he always fights for the people of North Bergen, no matter who he is up against. Lying Larry can’t outrun his past and North Bergen voters remember that he sold them out just to cozy up to Chris Christie.”

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