Scott Pollack Calls for Parental Choice in Covid-19 Vaccines

Scott Pollack Calls for Parental Choice in Covid-19 Vaccines


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Montclair, NJ- State Senate candidate in the 34th Legislative District, Scott Pollack issued the following statement calling for parental choice into whether their children receive the vaccination and opposing any penalties or restrictions to children who do not receive the vaccination.


Pollack is also a supporter of the recent slate of bills introduced by Senate Republicans to provide parents information and give them legal recourse in the case of adverse reactions.


“I am a strong advocate for vaccine choice and medical freedom for all New Jersey residents, and especially our children. We cannot let fear and politics trample the rights of our children and parents with forced vaccinations, or discrimination based on vaccine status.” Stated Pollack. “As the public health crisis recedes all who chose to get the vaccine can do so easily, the time for fear based politics is over, and in Trenton I will be a tireless advocate for this.”


“I will also support the recent slate of bills introduced in the State Senate to provide information and legal recourse to parents. Vaccines deserve the same amount of scrutiny as all other medication and parents deserve information. Instead of ostracizing parents who decline to vaccinate their children, those who wish to increase vaccination rates should provide information, encouragement and support, and these bills do just that.” Continued Pollack. “Unfortunately my opponent, Senator Gill has a dismal track record on this issue and I have no doubt that she will continue to advocate putting politics over people and trample on the rights of parents and students.”


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