Sen. Allen Honored for Efforts to Increase Gender Parity in Government


Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) received the “Making Democracy Work Award” from the New Jersey League of Women Voters on Friday, in recognition of her longstanding, successful efforts to encourage more women to run for elected office.

Senator Diane Allen accepts the “Making Democracy Work” award, one of the highest honors given by the League of Women Voters, at a reception on April 28, 2017 in Monroe Township, New Jersey (LWVNJ)

“Democracy works best when the halls of every Statehouse are filled with legislators who understand the needs of the people they were elected to serve,” Senator Allen said. “Women now make up the majority of the population, but barely 25% of State legislatures. It is in our best interest to encourage more women to stand up and step out to fight for those in need in their communities. This is a cause I care very deeply about and will continue to advocate for long after I retire from elected office.”

Allen gladly accepted the “Making Democracy Work” award at reception on Friday, April 28, in Monroe Township. The award, one of the League’s highest honors, is given to individuals who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to improving democracy.

Senator Allen was chosen for the award in recognition of her decades of public service and leadership, specifically her efforts to work toward gender parity by encouraging more women to run for elected office, according to the League. The League also stated that “her commitment and passion makes our democracy better.”

Senator Allen has a strong track record of championing landmark legislation, notably improved domestic violence and equal rights protections. She has used this experience to counsel women candidates in New Jersey and around the country, serving in leadership roles in organizations such as the National Foundation of Women Legislators, who recently elected her to chair a national policy committee. Earlier this year, Senator Allen was also named one of the Top 25 Elected Women Leaders Nationwide.

“We are seeing an exciting uptick in the number of women running for office, but achieving real equal representation in government is going to take a lot more work,” Senator Allen said. “We also need dedicated mentors who will guide qualified female candidates along the right path. I am grateful to the League of Women Voters for recognizing my years-long efforts to do just that. I will continue to actively seek out opportunities to encourage more women to get involved in every level of government, from the school board to the White House.”


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