Senate Candidates: Allow ALL candidates for US Senate on the debate stage (New Jersey)

The campaigns of Madelyn Hoffman (G)Daniel Burke (I), and Veronica Fernandez (I) have joined together to petition for equal access to the debate stage here in NJ for the race for the US Senate seat currently held by Cory Booker (D).

The candidates and their campaign teams have issued a joint petition and are reaching out to their respective supporters and NJ residents at large for signatures which in turn will be submitted to various committees and organizations responsible for scheduling the debates.

Past debates have been limited to the two major parties, Democrats and Republicans. It is rare to see opposing campaigns work together; however, with so many issues affecting NJ residents, these three candidates agree voters should be allowed to hear the views and visions of ALL ballot-qualified candidates.

Their goal, by being included in the debates, is to make NJ voters aware that there are alternative choices, other than the traditional two parties, that have ideas and solutions to help make NJ the best state to live, work and raise families.

At the time of this writing, the candidates are unaware of any debates planned for the U.S. Senate seat and so are also using this press statement to urge some public body in New Jersey to schedule one. The residents of New Jersey have a right to see the choices they have for this very important political office prior to the mailing out of ballots in early October.

Please sign this petition to help Madelyn, Daniel, and Veronica make their voices heard on the debate stage.

Links to each campaign site below:

Madelyn Hoffman for US Senate

Daniel Burke for US Senate

Veronica Fernandez for US Senate

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