Sierra Club Endorses Christine Clarke for LD26 Assembly

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Sierra Club Endorses Christine Clarke for LD26 Assembly

The New Jersey Sierra Club today is announcing our endorsement of Christine Clarke for State Assembly in New Jersey’s 26th Legislative District. Environmental advocate, a grassroots organizer, former Environmental Director with Action Together New Jersey, and mother-of-four – Christine Clarke is running for State Assembly to fight for the environment for our families and our future.

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Christine Clarke for State Assembly. She will stand up to the environment and become a leader on issues that matter to use. Christine will better represent the needs of the 26th Legislative District when it comes to clean air, clean water, and protecting the environment.  She will support legislation that will promote renewable energy and green jobs. She will also support climate smart strategies rather than dirty fossil fuel projects fuels systems to tackle climate change,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “Christine will fight for New Jersey’s environment, public health, and economy and we fully endorse her for New Jersey State Assembly in the 2019 election.”

The 26th State Assembly District currently contains portions of Morris, Essex, and Passaic counties and includes 13 municipalities: Butler, Jefferson, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Montville, Morris Plains, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Rockaway Township, Fairfield, North Caldwell, Verona, West Caldwell, and West Milford.

“As a mom of four young children, I am deeply concerned about the condition of the world our kids will inherit.  I know the threat of climate change isn’t just a question of sea level rise or someday-temperature changes, it’s the quality of the air our children breathe now and the water they drink, what their tax burden will be as heavy costs of extreme weather events escalate and whether or not they’ll be able to afford insurance as premiums rise to account for climate change impacts,” said Christine Clarke. “We have an opportunity now to lead in the booming renewable energy market to generate revenue and high-paying jobs for New Jersey, if we act with urgency.  I believe in New Jersey’s potential to thrive in these pivotal times, and am proud to have the Sierra Club’s endorsement as we chart the course to a clean energy future together, with everyone at the table.”

The 26th District is part of the New Jersey Highlands. The Highlands is the source of clean drinking water to more than 5.4 million people, more than half of the State’s population.

“As our Assemblywoman, Christine will support legislation that will protect our clean water, clean air, and open space. We know she will vote in the best interest of the people rather than polluters. Our district is part of the New Jersey Highlands and it critical that we have a legislator who will protect it for us and future generations. Christie understands that climate change is here and its impacts are already happening, especially to our children. We know as our Assemblywoman for the 26th district, thatChristine will make sure that our health and our children’s health are protected,” said Paul Sanderson, Chair of the Loantaka Group of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

Christine Clarke’s campaign platform for environmental issues has focused on accelerating the transition to renewable energy. This encompasses addressing climate change, reducing harmful emissions while protecting New Jersey’s public health. Clean energy is a one two punch because it will reduce air pollution while creating green jobs.

“The Sierra Club endorsed Christine Clarke because she understands that many politicians beholden to powerful corporate polluters are creating a false choice between creating jobs, fighting climate change, and keeping our air and water clean. They have rolled-back dozens of environmental protections that safeguard our drinking water, preserve our air quality, and keep our kids healthy. The Club has confidence that Clarke’s commitment to the environment as demonstrated by her years of environmental advocacy will help in our efforts to protect both the public and environment,” said Rich Isaac, Chapter Chair of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

“The Sierra Club’s support should reassure our Legislative District’s voters that our shared priorities are genuine,”said Christine Clarke. “I will work hard to advance clean energy jobs and an accelerated transition to solar and offshore wind power, to protect our families from the impacts of climate change, and to safeguard public health, clean air and clean water in the State Assembly.”

The district is represented for the 2018–2019 Legislative Session (Senate, General Assembly) in the State Senate by Joseph Pennacchio(R, Montville) and in the General Assembly by Jay Webber (R, Morris Plains) and BettyLou DeCroce (R, Parsippany-Troy Hills).

“The incumbents for the 26th district are out of step with their district. The people in this district care about their clean drinking water that comes from the Highlands. However, Webber has consistently voted against protections for the Highlands, clean air, and climate change. The 26th District does not need a climate denier, instead they need someone like Christine Clarke who will vote in the best interest of the people and the environment,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “The Sierra Club supports Christine Clarke for New Jersey State Assembly. We need to elect Christine so she can represent and protect the environment and the people of her District and of New Jersey. We believe she will become an important assemblywoman who will protect the people and the environment on a local and state level.”

The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization with over 1,000,000 members nationwide. The Sierra Club traces its roots to 1892, when noted conservationist John Muir founded the organization. Muir is widely credited with influencing President Theodore Roosevelt to create the nation’s first national parks. The Sierra Club boasts an estimated 20,000 members in New Jersey, the tenth largest of the organization’s 65 chapters.

The Sierra Club is not only the nation’s oldest and largest environmental group, but one of the most influential when it comes to making political endorsements. As Jeff Tittel describes it, “The Sierra Club endorsement is the green version of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”

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