Singh condemns calls for Jihad in NJ

Republican Hirsh Singh has filed to run for Senator Cory Booker's U.S. Senate seat in 2020, reports the Shore News.
Singh condemns calls for Jihad in NJ
Linwood, NJ — Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Hirsh Singh was joined by leaders of prominent Indian-American organizations and local Republican candidates from central New Jersey to denounce the hate-filled statements by Edison Democrat Planning Board Member and Chairman of the American Muslim Council Sam Khan.

“Sam Khan’s remarks at a recent American Muslim Council meeting calling for ‘jihad’ to force ‘white people’ to achieve political results have no place in civil discourse,” Singh said.

Singh’s comments at his recent press conference in Middlesex County came in the wake of an incendiary speech by Khan at an American Muslim Council meeting that had caused an uproar in the Indian-American community nationwide.

In the video, Khan also expresses racist rhetoric categorizing the American targets of their political pressure as just “white people” and denigrated the Indian-American community.

“Khan has shown he has absolutely no respect for Indian-Americans, their contributions to the American economy or even a cursory command of American interests in Kashmir,” Singh said. “India’s policy in Kashmir has not only the full support of President Trump and the American government, but is also effectively bringing liberty and women’s rights to millions.”

Singh also denounced other leading Democrats for pushing the interests of Pakistan and China over the interests of America. “Anyone closely watching China knows that this disputed area sits next to the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, which is being exploited by China to get around current controls on trade held by the US and India in the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, and Indian Ocean. China has already started spending over $60 billion dollars in this region to create the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which would allow access to the deep-sea Gwadar Port in the Indian Ocean.”

“China knows it needs access to this port before it could ever go to war with the USA. Meanwhile Pakistan is just trying to get paid for land that is rightfully India’s.”

“Bernie Sander’s comments attacking India are on par with Sam Khan’s extremist comments in New Jersey, not to mention Representative Ro Khanna joining the Pakistani Caucus in Congress.”

“It shows a top-to-bottom Democrat preference in the interest of foreign powers over American interests,” Singh said.

Sanders recently stated his opposition to the American and Indian policies that liberated Jammu and Kashmir.

Among others, Singh was joined by Republican candidate for Middlesex County Sheriff Anthony Gallo, who noted that Khan’s comments were particularly appalling in light of the upcoming anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“It’s really a shame that we’re talking about jihad as 9/11 approaches. This is something that we as a people should all condemn,” Gallo said. “Sam Khan should be removed from any and all offices that he holds.”

Leaders of the South Asian Republican Coalition (SARC) also made appearances at the press conference.

“This is really so unfortunate for the Indian American community,” said Hemant Bhatt, Founder and Chairman of SARC. “We cannot allow any kind of call for terrorism in this country.”

Bhatt was followed by Alhaji “Noah” Fofanah, Republican candidate for Councilman-at-Large in Franklin Township.

“As a Muslim, Republican, and African [American], I totally denounce what Mr. Sam Khan said. It’s wrong. As leaders, our job is to make sure we bring everybody to the table,” said Fofanah. “As a veteran, I know what 9/11 means to me. All I can say is I denounce him, today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Singh said he would remain committed to ensuring Indian-Americans recognize how the Democrat Party woefully fails to represent them.

“If the Democrat Party is serious about representing Indian-Americans, they ought to immediately denounce and remove people like Sam Khan from their party altogether,” Singh said. “And if they’re not going to do that, that is a wake-up call for Indian-Americans across the country.”

“If you’re a registered Democrat, you’d better stop. Either become Independent or register Republican because that is the only place you can be if you want real representation.”

To see the full press conference, please visit: https://facebook.com/HirshSinghNJ

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