Statement from Hunterdon Dems Chair Arlene Quinones Perez

Yesterday was a difficult day. For over three decades, U.S. Senator Menendez has been a champion for the working class and the Latino community in New Jersey. His commitment to dealing with difficult issues has always been at the forefront, and his work on foreign affairs, climate change, and gun safety legislation can never be diminished. Senator Menendez has always demonstrated his commitment to leading.

This indictment is upsetting for those invested in the betterment of the Latino community, and certainly for residents in Hunterdon County, the State of New Jersey and our nation.

While these serious charges work through the legal system, a legal system that rightly allows a defendant to have their day in court, we need to continue to look towards our competitive races now, and for 2024. We are at a critical point in our Country where the focus must be on maintaining democrats in office to combat the deliberate destruction of what we hold dear, our democracy. Nothing is more important then the current fight we are in for the soul of our nation.

For that reason, we must keep our focus on our current races, and Senator Menendez should step aside and allow another candidate to carry our policies forward in 2024.

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