Statement from the Somerset County Surrogate Frank Bruno

Statement from the Somerset County Surrogate Frank Bruno

SOMERVILLE, NJ – As some of you may know, and for those who have visited the Surrogate’s office, we are responsible for assisting residents with the orderly process of estates after a death of a Somerset County resident.  As the Surrogate of Somerset County, I believe it is my obligation to make residents aware of potential problems within the process of probating a Will or the process of an administration if the decedent dies intestate without a Will.  My staff and I trying to make this process the least cumbersome as possible.

It has come to my attention, there is a situation with the national banks that are conducting business in the State of New Jersey and in Somerset County, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and several other financial institutions that have not cooperated and have refused to abide by probate court law.  These financial institutions have not accepted documents pertinent to the probate process and have practiced a policy that creates an extra expense for their clients with regards to court Affidavits.

At the Surrogate’s Court, we have been making every effort to ensure that the probate process is as efficient as possible.  Therefore, I am advising Somerset County residents, who conduct business with these banks, to be forewarned that these situations still continue to exist at the time of this press release and that we, the Surrogate’s Court, determine the procedures and documents and not the banks.

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