Sunrise Movement Union County Endorses Krychiw, Heath, and Castaneda in LD-20


Sunrise Movement Union County Endorses Krychiw, Heath, and Castaneda in LD-20

Sunrise Union County has endorsed Jason Krychiw for State Senate and Aissa C. Heath and Ricky Castaneda for General Assembly in Legislative District 20.

“We are so excited to endorse Jason Krychiw, Aissa Heath, and Ricky Castaneda for State Legislature in NJ LD-20,” the group said in their endorsement. “Jason, Aissa, and Ricky are all fearless advocates for the working class, they refuse to take fossil fuel money, and have signed the #GreenNewDealPledge to make livable futures possible in our state. We at Sunrise Union County were thoroughly impressed by this campaign’s platform. They blew us away with their inclusive & comprehensive answers to our candidate survey and their interview performance. They truly know their district, their policy, and have a clear, concrete agenda. They completely captured our idea of ideal candidates and fall very much in line with our beliefs! We are deeply encouraged by the prospect of them being involved in New Jersey legislature.”

Sunrise Union County is the local hub of the national Sunrise Movement, a primarily youth-led organization that advocates for action on climate change and progressive environmental policies. The Union County group has a sizeable member base of college and high school students that represent a large contingent of voters, activists, and organizers in the district.

“We are honored to receive the endorsement of Sunrise Movement Union County and their members,” Krychiw, Heath, and Castaneda said in a statement. “We do not accept money from the fossil fuel industry, endorse a Green Amendment for New Jersey, and stand against environmental racism and its impact on our community. We are thankful for the support of groups who share our passion in this effort and look forward to continuing to be proactive in our fight for true environmental justice.”

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