Trenton Public Works Director Cherry to Step Down

Public Works Director Cherry to Step Down

Public Property Manager Appointed in Interim

Trenton N.J. – Director Merkle Cherry of the Trenton Public Works Department will be stepping down from his role in City Hall. The current Public Property Manager, Wahab Onitiri, will be taking up the Cabinet position until a comprehensive search can be conducted.

Director Cherry has served the Capital’s constituents since the 1990’s. Cherry was the Director of the much-loved ‘Weed and Seed’ program instituted in 1994. He was promoted to Department Director two years later.

His work while heading Public Works has undoubtedly and undeniably bettered the lives of those living within city limits.

“Director Cherry was an admirable public servant,” Mayor Reed Gusciora affirmed, “He faced, and dealt with plenty of challenging issues during his tenure. I just hope that going forward we can further improve how the rest of New Jersey sees Trenton.”

The Capital Mayor made multiple campaign promises to improve city-wide aesthetics. He stressed Friday that there was a tremendous amount of work to be done.

The Mayor stressed that the 25-year civil-servant Mr. Onitiri is ready to spearhead City efforts for the time being. Onitiri was the Street Superintendent for the City, before being promoted to Manager of Public Property in 2016. He has experience in social work and was a Gulf War Veteran in the U.S. Army.

“Mr. Onitiri, or ‘Wally’, as he’s known around City Hall, will be a fantastic caretaker for the Department.” maintained Mayor Gusciora. “The man was Superintendent to our roadways for a decade and a half. He may just be the best person in Trenton to fill our potholes, and finally, revamp outside perception of our city.”



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