Vaccine Passports Present a Frightening Prospect Says Assemblyman Scharfenberger 

Vaccine Passports Present a Frightening Prospect Says Assemblyman Scharfenberger 

Middletown, N.J.  As rumors intensify which suggest the Federal Government, under the direction of President Biden, is considering the implementation of a “vaccination passport” or identification card program, Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (NJLD13-R) has begun crafting legislation to combat the very notion of mandating individuals acquire these “permits” before taking part in common societal activities:


“These growing discussions of mandating a “vaccine passports,” at the state and federal levels, are truly a frightening prospect,” stated Scharfenberger. “This is getting ridiculously out-of-hand, the labeling of individuals with or without some vaccination is outrageous and a gross intrusion of a person’s private medical history as well as rights!”

The concept of a vaccination passport is not new. In fact, it was a topic of debate last spring, but was met with heavy public criticism. However, it appears the new presidential administration officials and majority in Congress support this practice and do not appear concerned about possible infringement on rights or HIPAA violations:

“The federal government is overstepping its reach and, quite frankly, its authority yet again,” said Scharfenberger. “This is a dubious proposal and will likely lead to discrimination based on personal medical choices at the very least. That is why I have requested legislation to be drafted to pushback against this before it is too late.”

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