Vitale Issues Statement on Walmart Discontinuing the Sale of E-Cigarettes

Insider NJ's Fred Snowflack discusses how Gov. Phil Murphy's absence at a ceremony held by Senator Joe Vitale to commemorate the signing of a bill by the governor that expand the rights of sexual abuse victims is very telling.

Vitale Issues Statement on Walmart Discontinuing the Sale of E-Cigarettes


Trenton – The Chair of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee Senator Joseph Vitale issued the following statement today on Walmart’s decision to stop selling e-cigarettes in their stores:


“In the wake of recent vaping-related illnesses and deaths, I appreciate Walmart’s willingness to address what is a major public health concern. As we, the Legislature, work to determine the best possible path forward from a policy perspective, it is encouraging to see companies step up and make strong consumer-focused choices in the face of public outcry. Whenever a company as big as Walmart makes a decision like this the whole market is shaken.


“Maybe it is because the e-cigarette is new and we have all come to accept the ill-effects of regular cigarettes but so far e-cigarettes have been linked to seven deaths – standard cigarettes will kill over 400,000 people this year alone. Given that, I hope Walmart will continue their string of principled business moves and discontinue the sale of traditional cigarettes as well. If they are willing to protect people from the dangers of Juuls, why not Marlboros too?”

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