Wildes: Public Voting Records Show Meisner Has Only Lived in Englewood Since 2015

Public Voting Records Show Meisner Has Only Lived in Englewood Since 2015

Meisner is misleading voters by claiming he’s lived in city for ‘decades’

ENGLEWOOD, NJ – Phil Meisner has spent most of his campaign attacking former mayor Michael Wildes with false claims ranging from his friendships and business associations to his record as Mayor. Now, the reason for Meisner’s unrelenting negative campaign is clear. According to the attached voting history records, Meisner has only voted in Englewood since 2015 even though he claims on his campaign website and literature that he moved to Englewood “after he began working in the city nearly two decades ago.” This is a clear attempt to mislead voters into thinking Meisner has lived in Englewood longer than he has, when in reality he was a staff member for Mayor Frank Huttle and others and not a resident until 2015.

“As I have walked door to door in this campaign meeting thousands of voters, the most common question I receive about my opponent is simply, ‘Who is he?,'” said Wildes. “Now we know why no one seems to know him and why he’s spent this campaign attacking my character — because he’s only lived here for a few years and has no understanding of our community and what makes Englewood special.”

Meisner’s most recent attack sought to paint a community benefit agreement negotiated by Mayor Wildes in 2009 that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to Dwight Morrow High School and ten local houses of worship in a negative light. This comes on the heels of numerous other desperate attacks by the failing Meisner campaign.

“Not only did Meisner lie about the intent of the donations, he couldn’t even get the amount right,” said Wildes. “I’m proud of the fact that I negotiated $200,000 in community benefit donations to our high school and ten churches and synagogues from a developer who was building in our city. That’s exactly the kind of outside the box thinking that our city needs to deal with the financial crisis the current mayor has left for us and for Meisner to attempt to attack this shows his lack of understanding about our city.”

To learn more about Michael’s campaign visit his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WildesforMayor/

Or his website: http://wildesformayor.com



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