Wilkerson Wins Judge Order Invalidating Democratic Nominee for Roselle Mayor


Wilkerson Wins Judge Order Invalidating Democratic Nominee for Roselle Mayor

ROSELLE, N.J., September 11, 2020 — In a virtual hearing held Friday, September 11,
2020, the Honorable Judge Karen M. Cassidy, A.J.S.C. invalidated the Democratic
Party’s nominee for Mayor of Roselle and ordered a new meeting to select the nominee
for the November general election.

In the case brought by Council President Denise Wilkerson, Judge Cassidy found that
there were multiple significant statutory violations in the original selection meeting that
showed Chairman Atkins’ disregard for the statutory procedures, most importantly, the
provisions related to a vote by secret ballot. The Judge’s order requires the new
meeting to take place on or before September 15, 2020 and specifically requires the
use of a secret ballot.

Wilkerson says, “The law is clear! The many egregious violations of the state statute
during the process Rev. Reginald Atkins ran could not be ignored by the Honorable
Judge. Far too often, people in power feel as though the rules do not apply to them. It is
time for that to end. I want to remind the good Reverend of Proverbs 11:1,
“Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, But a just weight is His delight.”
My advice to him is, follow the law!”

“Judge Cassidy’s decision confirms that party officials do not have unfettered discretion
to unilaterally ignore statutory requirements when selecting nominees to fill a vacancy.
We look forward to a fair and democratic process being implemented with respect to the
upcoming selection meeting, and in the future.  We are happy to have secured this
victory to ensure that the vote conducted will protect the anonymity of each member’s
vote, and keep it free from intimidation and undue influence”, says Brett M. Pugach,

Signed Final Order (2)
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