Progressive Grassroots Alliance Backs Currie for Democratic State Party Chair

Political Parties: Currie, emblem of one half of NJ's main political parties.

In response to the movement to change New Jersey Democratic Party leadership, leaders of various statewide groups who played a prominent role in recent electoral and anti-gerrymandering mobilizations and victories released the following joint statement:

“The push to unseat Democratic Party Chairman Currie is a clear continuation of the redistricting power grab and attempt to fully control the 2019 redistricting process that grassroots activists defeated just a week ago. This movement, one year ahead of normal party operations, alarms us and we call on Democrats, both in leadership as well as rank and file, to oppose this abnormal process due to its lack of transparency, it’s clear intent, and timing.

“At a time when our federal government is on the brink of a shutdown and many look to enjoy time with their families, it is ridiculous that many of the same people, who in the past have taken actions to undermine the Democratic Party, now wish to position themselves to determine who may lead it
through power plays a full year ahead of any vote.

“As the tumultuous 2018 comes to a close, we call on party leaders to reflect on the outcome of the national elections and think about what they can do to increase transparency and involve more constituents in the process; not to push through measures when they think no one is watching.”


Sue Altman, South Jersey Women
for Progressive Change

Alison Arne, Action Together
Atlantic County

Saily Avelenda, NJ11 For Change

Catherine Brienza, JOLT Ridgewood

Elizabeth Glynn, NJ 7 Forward

Margaret Illes, NJ 7 Forward

Uyen “Winn” Khuong, Action Together
New Jersey.

Marcia Marley, Blue Wave NJ

Analilia Mejia, New Jersey Working
Families Alliance

Hetty Rosenstein, NJ Resistance

Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, NJ Citizen

Jessica Shaw, SOMA Action

Madeline Trimble, Indivisible
NJ 5th District

Anna Wong, Action Together,
NE Region


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