Proudly Pro-Trump Bill Spadea Running for Governor

Today, Bill Spadea, New Jersey’s top-rated media personality and a leader among grassroots conservatives, declared his candidacy for Governor with the release of his campaign’s first video ad.

Titled “Let’s Get to Work,” the 2:45 ad peels back the curtain on Spadea’s radio program and highlights the struggles that everyday New Jerseyans call in to discuss with Bill daily. The Spadea campaign will be hosting their first campaign rally tomorrow, June 18th, at 7pm in Manchester Township. Interested parties can RSVP by clicking here.

Alongside the video, Spadea released the following statement:

“I’ve hosted my conservative radio show for nearly a decade and listened as concerned New Jerseyans
talked about their exit plans because they can no longer afford to live here. Scared parents call in
because New Jersey is no longer safe for them to raise their children. Members of the law enforcement
community call in because Trenton politicians have restricted their ability to do their job and forced
them to put criminals back out on the street.

“I’ve listened to the concerns and heard the message loud and clear. New Jerseyans are ready for a
fighter. Weak politicians have failed us time and time again and the people of New Jersey deserve
better. That’s why my wife Jodi and I have decided that we can no longer take a chance that someone
else will fix it. Like we taught our kids from a young age; it doesn’t matter who created the problem…blaming others doesn’t solve it. Sometimes you’ve gotta step up and fix it yourself. So, I’m in. I’m running for Governor and together we will fix our state. Now let’s get to work!

“To learn more about Bill and his campaign, visit”

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24 responses to “Proudly Pro-Trump Bill Spadea Running for Governor”

  1. He is running because NJ is a disaster. Hey now and other negative morons must like the crap we are in. If you are against him then you are pathetic. We need a complete reversal of where we are now. Murphy and the dems are complete disasters.

  2. We need to turn NJ RED for the next 50 years one or two terms won’t cut it. The Dems have been in power so long we need time to reverse their damage

  3. Well N56 is Liberal Idiot. It is no wonder that NJ has become a mess thanks to the Demonrat Party

  4. I will vote for Bill. This once great state has been devastated by the worst governor in the history of NJ, Murphy. He needs to win and then put Murphy in jail for crimes of treason against the citizens of NJ.

  5. We need change in this state. Its been run by the Democrats good ole boys club for too long, taxes are through the roof, its a top point why people are leaving , besides some of the wasted tax pay we’re r money on ridiculous ideas. So much corruption!

  6. My property taxes have gone through the roof.
    I can no longer afford to live in my house.
    These people in New Jersey are all crooks.
    If Spadea really wants to be governor
    He’s got to address Taxes.

  7. Amen. People like Trump who are so pro Russia and so anti-military, back in the day we’d call them Commi lovers.

  8. I heard somewhere that if Spadea ran he’d have to step down from his blowhard radio show. This is absolutely the only reason to support his run for governor– so we all don’t have to listen to him anymore! His entrance into the race only guarantees that the Democrats will win again when voters reject his extremism on numerous issues.

  9. I’m for Bill Spadea. He is the only one that has the insight and determination to turn this state around. That horse tooth pedophile prick Murphy is a commie pig and if we get another one like him we’re screwed. For all the liberal commies on here…..wake up before it’s too late,unless you like the way this state is being run with high taxes, teaching our children crt and having them learn sexual crap in school. Spedea or our state is doomed

  10. If I was still in NJ I would be voting for you. But, my wife and I left in 2017 for Virginia.

    I had been supporting responsible government, gun rights, and lower taxes, for decades. I remember the Flying Pigs rally in Trenton back in 2009 or so.

    I felt that NJ government ignored me and other that supported responsible government. So I began planning my exit around that time.

    I retired in 2010, and my wife and I bought a piece of waterfront property in 2014 in Virginia. Upon my wife’s retirement in 2017, we sold our house in Freehold, and moved to Virginia. We built a house and a large garage, and a dock, on a creek off of Chesapeake Bay. Our real estate taxes are $4600 per year, whereas they were almost $11,800 when we left NJ, and we have a far larger property in a less congested area.

    In our area, they enforce the laws, and do not tolerate those involved in criminal conduct. The citizens respect law enforcement, and the law. Our politicians are supportive of law enforcement, and of the citizens.

    New Jersey lost two taxpayers, as we took our retirement nest egg, and income of well over six figures with us.

    New Jersey was our home for 39 years, and we raised three children there. The politicians drove us out.

    I hope you are able to save New Jersey.

  11. Anyone who thinks Democrats are crooks and Republicans aren’t is a moron. All of our politicians are a bunch of rich folks who don’t care about hard working people and their problems, i.e.- you. Their Party doesn’t matter, they don’t get you and they sure as sugar don’t care about you. Like Carlin said almost 20 years ago, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

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