Report: Mendham Deputy Mayor Resigns Amid Facebook Post Fallout

Update: Deputy Mayor Rick Flood resigned last night after a contentious committee meeting, according to the Daily Record report.

From the article: Blood, who apologized for the post he said he pasted from a friend before deleting it Sunday night, said early in the meeting that he was not going to resign. 

“I do not believe my brief misstep warrants stepping down from the committee,” Blood said. 

But after more than two dozen people spoke out during the public comment section of the agenda meeting at Town Hall, one calling his post “disgusting,” “vile” and “inherently racist,” the council adjourned to closed session.

Yesterday’s Post:

According to a report on, Mendham’s Deputy Mayor Rick Blood apologized for comments he made comparing undocumented immigrants to raccoons and calling President Trump the ‘exterminator’.  Blood, saying that his point was that immigration needs to be fixed for the security of the nation, but removed his Facebook post (which he said he copied from someone else) after receiving complaints.

The report states that Blood said: “we need them [immigrants] at all levels of society — from farm workers to technology people. We need to do this is an orderly fashion.”

He said in his Facebook apology: “Yes this post will be construed as offensive to some, however it was not its intent. It is out in the public sphere and as such it is likely to exist in the digital world for quite a while. I apologize for the post. There are those who will take advantage of this post to support their own position unfortunately on both sides of the issue”, along with “again apologize for fanning the flames” and “like it or not the President and Congress must reach an agreement on the entire immigration issue from the Dreamers to immigration to preventing future undocumented people from obtaining employment.”

Up for re-election this year, Blood told that “I’ll be running again this spring, if I survive this mess.”


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