Report: Paterson Mayoral Candidate Mendez Has A Bounced Check Problem

Paterson’s fast intensifying field of mayoral candidates are slamming candidate Councilman Alex Mendez in a Paterson Times report that details 46 instances of bounced checks to organizations and local merchants, according to ELEC reports.

The report says “Mendez’s campaign has been penalized 46 times for issuing bad checks, according to a Paterson Times review of his campaign finance reports from 2011 through 2018. He paid $3,400 in bank fees, mostly for issuing checks with insufficient funds in his campaign account — this figure excludes statement fees and maintenance fees paid to the bank.”

“Several people interviewed by the Paterson Times described having to go through an ordeal to recover funds. None of them would openly speak on the subject,” the article continues.  Mendez hadn’t responded to request for comment by Paterson Times when the article was published.  

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