Residency Question Hounds Malinowski on Eve of Union County Vote

On the eve of the Union County Democratic Committee’s consideration of whom to back in the Congressional District 7 Primary, the issue of residency again dogs former Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski.

As noted in a Roll Call article,  Malinowski owns a home in the Chevy Chase section of Washington, D.C, and collects a homestead deduction, which indicates that he considers the home his primary residence (see below).

He also is registered to vote in D.C.

“On the voter registration piece, Tom sent in the voter cancelation months ago and they are notoriously slow in D.C., his campaign manager, Colston Reid, told InsiderNJ. “He is a registered voter at his residence at his home in Rocky Hill, and he voted in the last election.

Regarding the D.C. homestead deduction, “Tom has submitted paperwork notifying [the district] that this is not a deduction he will continue to receive,” Reid said.

He made that notification, “This month,” she said.

“It’s a couple of hundred bucks but he has notified he is no longer eligible,” the campaign manager noted.

As for his current residence in Rocky Hill, “He is renting that home but he is on the market to buy,” Reid said.

There were questions this morning about whether or not Union would go forward with tomorrow’s scheduled CD7 vote, given the imminence of a snowstorm.

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