RGA Celebrates Ciattarelli Forcing Murphy to ‘Reckon with’ His Record

Ciattarelli impersonates the Alexander Hamilton statue in Weehawken.

Will Reinert, Regional Press Secretary for the Republican Governors Association issued a statement tonight in the aftermath of the first of two gubernatorial debates, celebrating GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli’s “victory” over the incumbent.


ln the first New Jersey gubernatorial debate, Phil Murphy’s was forced to reckon with the mistreatment of women in his orbit and horrific pandemic response that killed thousands of nursing home patients and shuttered nearly one-third of small businesses. Meanwhile Jack Ciattarelli put forward his vision for a more affordable New Jersey with a stronger economy than ever before.

Ciattarelli: “Well… If you want to talk about disqualifiers ‘if taxes are your issue we’re probably not your state…’  Or saying, or saying, that you wanted to make New Jersey the California of the east coast. I consider those disqualifiers.”

Murphy: “These people died assemblyman, people died.”

Ciattarelli: “You mean like the people in nursing homes and tropical storm Ida?”

Though Phil Murphy was warned that “patients will die in nursing homes that wouldn’t have otherwise died,” he proceeded to send COVID patients to nursing homes anyway and 8,000 Jersey seniors died.

WATCH: Phil Murphy’s Long Record of Mistreatment of Women in His Orbit

“Ask women that worked on his campaign four years ago, asked woman that played on his professional soccer team or worked at the embassy in Germany, ask the young woman who worked in factories at Goldman Sachs and made pennies on the hour in manufacturing. We have seen this time and time again. Ask the woman who were inmates at the prison.” – Jack Ciattarelli on Murphy’s mistreatment of womenWATCH: Property Taxes Are Killing NJ Residents and Jack Has a Plan to Make Living in the State More Affordable

There will be a more equitable tax system in Jack Ciattarelli’s New Jersey, but watch out millionaires you won’t be paying less in taxes than your average homeowner in the state.

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