Rice Backs Kelly for West Ward Council Seat



Ronald L. Rice, State Senator of New Jersey’s 28th District, today released the following statement endorsing Dupré Kelly for Councilperson for Newark’s West Ward:

“Since my earliest days as a City of Newark West Ward Council Member and Deputy Mayor, through my 36 years as a State Senator, I have done my best to improve the quality of life for all residents and fight for their rights, prosperity, health and well-being.  Today, as an extension of my commitment to those I serve, I announce my support of Dupré Kelly for Councilperson for Newark’s West Ward.

“I believe Dupré Kelly is in the strongest position to unite city administrators and West Ward leaders and residents.  By bringing everyone onto common ground, he will strengthen an alliance that continues to put focus on the city services and public safety resources we need to get crime off our streets, clean up decaying properties and empty lots, pave our roads and rid our sidewalks of garbage.

“Dupré knows that the West Ward commerce corridor is more than an eyesore; it is a heartache that strips us of pride and erodes hope.  As such, he vows to continue Mayor Baraka’s initiatives to force property owner accountability.  Dupré will work with owners, tenants and city departments to achieve full code enforcement and reverse the decline, revitalize our streetscapes and breathe new life into our business district.

“Dupré trusts residents to take an active role in shaping their own neighborhoods and environment.  As primary stakeholders most affected by the impact of development, Dupré sees early community involvement as essential.  His vision to create an area board would allow resident participation in the initial phases before planning and zoning officials weigh in.

“My confidence in Dupré is not based on what’s he’s said or promises he makes.  It is based on the countless acts of compassion and generosity, both public and private, that I’ve personally witnessed through the years.  Woven throughout each aspect of his life is his full-hearted desire to bring people together, open communication and affect measurable improvements in people’s lives.

“What’s motivated Dupré’s success in the music industry, his far-reaching not-for-profit organizations and his political aspirations is his fierce desire to bring beauty, safety, productivity and confidence into our world.  Here in Newark and across the globe, he has proven his ability to unite and galvanize people toward real, lasting change.  That’s why it is my pleasure and honor to stand with him and endorse his candidacy for Newark’s next West Ward Councilperson.”

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