Senator Ronald Rice Supports Linden Mayor Derek Armstead’s Objections to Use of Jerry Green’s Campaign Funds

NJ Senator Ronald Rice supports Linden Mayor Derek Armstead's objection to NJ Senator Nick Scutari's use of funds from the campaign of Jerry Green, who died last year, to fund political activities. Jerry Green was the first black Union County Democratic Committee, and Rice argues that the money should be used to do something for Green.

State Senator Ronald L. Rice (D-28) said he supports Linden Mayor Derek Armstead’s objection to the political use of monies in the campaign fund of the late Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22), and would support reforms targeting how such money is allocated in the future.

“They should be doing something for Jerry Green, the first black Union County Democratic Committee chairman,” Rice said of his friend Green, who died last year.  “He took hits from his own people. They never gave him the respect that was due him, and even when he became chair they didn’t give him the respect he was owed.

“They should put a statue up of Jerry Green in Union County,” added Rice.  “It’s the one time elected officials should come together over, to put a statue up of Jerry Green. I have to give [Essex County Executive] Joe D credit. He did pay recognition to some of the blacks in this county.”

But Union?

Not the case, said Rice, exemplified by the political apportionment of money to various allies of the sitting Democratic establishment in Union.

“I support Derek Armstead 100%,” said Rice. “To take money to play politics is wrong. They should have been using that money to support young people who look like Jerry. Those funds should have gone to worthwhile community organizations, not politics, and if a reform bill came up I would support it.”

A Facebook post addressed to Scutari attributed to the brother of assemblyman Green took the opposite position:

Scutari received a Facebook post message attributed to the brother of Jerry Green.
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