Roque Backs Wainstein ’19; Sacco Camp Says Roque Should Worry About WNY

According to a report by John Heinis of Hudson County View, West New York Mayor Felix Roque is backing Larry Wainstein for North Bergen mayor in 2019 over longtime incumbent Mayor and Senator Nick Sacco.  Wainstein’s run for mayor before, steamrolled by Sacco 8500-4900 in 2015.  While he hasn’t yet declared, most Hudson observers assume Wainstein will field a slate in next year’s municipal election, Heinis notes.

“I am seeing what is happening in North Bergen and I have to tell you the truth: I am not happy. The machine keeps going and going and the reality is that they are not doing what they should for the well being of the residents, but Larry is fighting for your well being.  That is why I am here representing West New York and the commissioners who are with me because we need to help this man because he is fighting with you. Larry: I am here with you,” Roque said, according to the HCV report.

This year, Roque’s year-out endorsement has countywide consequences – and is a consequence of countywide machinations – as the West New York mayor aligns himself with Senator Stack and Mayor Fulop in the battle for the HCDO chairmanship and county executive fight.

The following is a statement from Phil Swibinski, spokesman for Mayor Sacco’s campaign:

“It’s puzzling to see Mayor Roque endorse someone like Larry Wainstein who doesn’t even live in North Bergen and has been absolutely demolished and embarrassed in every single election he’s ever participated in. Next year’s campaign in North Bergen will be no different. Mayor Roque should be more concerned with West New York where in the last few months he has lost control of local government with a majority of the Board of Commissioners breaking away from him, and with his own chances of re-election which appear to be getting slimmer by the day.”

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