Sarlo Says He’s Still a ‘No’ on Marijuana Legalization

TRENTON – Sen. Paul Sarlo emerged from the Senate Majority conference room a few minutes ago and was swiftly surrounded by the assembled press.

Finally, as he walked away, he said,  “I haven’t changed my mind.”

Sarlo of Bergen County is believed to be a “no” vote.

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  • MikeG

    Vote him out Bergan Co. Support a challanger next time. Take the reins and show politicans that there desisions have consequences, I do not belive they are voting for what the majority of there constituents what, They are all weak, the democrats in this state have no freaking backbone.

    • Ruben Sierra

      He definitely will not have my vote!

  • BigGCount .

    Democrats need to be organized and this vote shows we are divided on everything liberty! SAD Democrats cant get anything done right or at all! I am switching parties to independent now that trump and legal weed are a bust!

    • Sgt. Seth

      Which part of Trump’s record has been a bust?

      • Piazzastache

        What part hasn’t? Dude’s done nothing he said he was going to do.

        • Sgt. Seth

          Have you seen any economic numbers at all? Does that count?

  • pieman420

    the fight is only beginning…we are entitled to the right to grow, smoke and distribute the holy weed….time to dump the neanderthals who preach reefer madness….
    aron pieman kay

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