Sayegh Announces Opening of a Second Paterson COVID-19 Testing Site


On Tuesday, May 5, Mayor Andre Sayegh and the City of Paterson will announce that a second Paterson COVID-19 testing center will open to city residents.

Residents overwhelmed the first site on Monday.

Dr. Mahmoud Aqel of Aqel Medical Center will provide positive/negative swab testing. First Day of Operation will be Wednesday, May 6.

WHEN:           Tuesday, May 5          11AM

WHAT:           Announcement of COVID-19 Testing center in Paterson.

WHO:             Mayor Andre Sayegh

                        Dr. Mahmoud Aqel

                        Director of Health and Human Services, Oshin Castillo

                        Members of the City Council

WHERE:         Aqel Medical Center

                        37-43 Crooks Ave.

                        Paterson, NJ

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